eTail Survey: Trends in Digital Retail


The greatest retail marketing opportunities in 2015 lie in delivering highly relevant messages to consumers, then following those messages up with technologies that make evaluating and purchasing a product a seamless, enjoyable experience on any device. Retailers have become keenly aware of those opportunities and they are investing in the technologies they need to make them a reality. What follows is eTail’s fifth annual report on trends in digital retail marketing.

Key findings include:

  • Retail brands continue to mature digitally, using the wealth of data available to them to build more effective marketing campaigns and create great customer experiences. Now, they are reaping the benefits.
  • Better personalization is the next frontier in marketing, but it requires a more holistic customer view.
  • Mobile has become the glue that holds omnichannel shopping experiences together, enabling retailers to continuously engage with consumers as they move through an increasingly non-linear sales funnel.

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