App Advertising

Bring shoppers back to your app to browse and purchase. App Advertising, a one-of-a-kind core feature of Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, delivers personalized, relevant ads that strike the perfect balance between brand-inspired design and uncompromising ad performance.

The proven way to get valuable shoppers back into your mobile app and buying.

Continuously learning from 1.2 billion shoppers a month, only App Advertising entices each user with dynamic mobile ads from your entire product catalog — all optimized in real time for individual purchase intent and browsing context.

App Advertising: che cos'è, come funziona a perchè Criteo è vincente

In che modo App Advertising
lavora per voi.

Power sustained performance.

Not only does App Advertising bring shoppers back, but once engaged, they’re 30% more likely return and shop within the app – without further encouragement.

Deliver real-time relevance.

Through Criteo Shopper Graph and Kinetic Design, App Advertising recommends new and previously browsed products from across your catalog, configuring ads on the fly with visual elements proven to engage each user.

Achieve maximum reach.

App Advertising delivers personalized dynamic ads that perfectly scale to all ad sizes across more than 555k mobile apps.