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Coupe du Monde

Criteo makes the most of every minute for a dedicated, 45-day only, World Cup website.

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<1 hour

to implement Criteo’s technology


ad impressions purchased by Criteo in 45 days


Criteo CPM vs. other vendors


The CoupeDuMonde2014.net website was an information source for 7.4 million passionate soccer fans during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. With only 45 days to maximize revenues, Coupe du Monde needed a display ad partner who could make the most of a small window of opportunity – to get up and running quickly, efficiently monetize both desktop and mobile inventory, and deliver desired CPMs.


It took just one hour for the Criteo team to get the first ads onto the site. After a traffic analysis, the team placed ads on key pages to capture incoming traffic without detracting from the site experience. Criteo was given first-look to impressions across all site inventory. Impressions that didn’t meet Criteo's criteria were passed back to Coupe du Monde to monetize with other partners.


Criteo delivered a powerful revenue stream within a short period of time, as exhibited by:

  • CPMs 6X higher than other advertising partners
  • 17% of the site's total inventory was purchased by Criteo

Though the 2014 World Cup is over, Coupe du Monde now has a sustainable business model to use for future events and domains.

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