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Ad AgeがCriteoの委託により作成したレポートです。急速に成長を遂げつつあるクロスデバイス市場において、広告主がおさえるべき重要なトレンドをまとめました。

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The new world of performance advertising: Delivering the right ad, to the right user, across all devices.

At one time, shoppers’ online behavior consisted mostly of clicks on a website displayed on a PC. However, internet browsing habits have rapidly evolved to become increasingly multi-device in recent years. 

Today’s shopper uses a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone. It’s getting more and more unusual for a shopper’s decision-making process to involve just one device and one online touch point. This means there’s a growing need for advertisers to have an effective cross-device strategy, pinpointing the advertising mix that works best for them.

Most existing cross-device advertising solutions identify users with a “best guess” approach, but this doesn’t provide highly accurate results. An exact match solution—which, for example, can identify  that a person who saw the ad on a tablet, is the same person who made the purchase using a laptop later that day—is critical to cross-device advertising success.

Criteo commissioned Ad Age to produce this data-rich report, which examines the fast-growing cross-device usage trend, the challenges and opportunities it presents to advertisers, and what they can do to start planning for cross-device advertising campaigns. 

Read this eye-opening report if you’re interested in:

  • Understanding the challenges inherent in cross-device advertising
  • Seeing the new opportunities that this shift in behavior can deliver
  • Learning about valuable best practice solutions that you can begin using

Ready to embrace the next big opportunity in mobile marketing? Download this valuable report today.

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