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Why and how successful advertisers include mobile in their marketing strategies.

It’s no surprise that consumers have been spending more time than ever on mobile devices, and less time on PCs. What’s really interesting, though, is the extent to which these consumers’ shopping and purchasing decisions have been impacted by this move from PC to mobile. And this spells opportunity for today’s savvy advertisers.

This Criteo report uncovers some of the latest trends in mobile shopping and advertising. It provides tips on how brands and advertisers can benefit from the right targeting and timing.

Specifically, readers will learn:

  • How marketers using mobile advertising are seeing better results for their campaigns.
  • Which global regions generate the most clicks and subsequent sales from mobile devices.
  • Which industries are enjoying the biggest boost to sales as a result of their mobile ad campaigns.
  • Which days of the week consumers are more likely to click on ads using mobile devices than on PCs.
  • How to improve conversions by building mobile-optimized web pages.

There’s no time like the present to learn about mobile advertising and how it can boost sales for your organization. Download this helpful report today.

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