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How Today’s Display Ads are Engaging, Targeted and Complementary to Search Marketing

Thanks to impressive conversion rates and an online ROI that is comparable to that of Search, Performance Display Advertising is chipping away at a nagging – and inaccurate – perception:  that banner ads don’t work online.

Indeed, retailers and advertisers from other industries are disproving this perception every day -- one successful campaign at a time.  We at Criteo felt the time had come to offer more rigorous proof of Performance Display’s aggregate impact on the advertising landscape.  So in 2012, we commissioned Nielsen and Médiamétrie to conduct a two-month study of real-world users, in France and in the United States, with the goal of measuring the impact and effectiveness of Performance Display advertising.

This white paper will enable you to learn more about Performance Display advertising, and how it compares to more 'classic' forms of advertising.  But above all, you’ll discover why:

  • Performance Display ads are viewed and clicked on a massive scale,
  • Performance Display ads allow users to see ads for things they care about, so they respond and act with measurable intent, 
  • Performance Display advertising improves the overall media spend of advertisers, but also provides a large share of exclusive clickers,
  • Pay-per-click Performance Display solutions have a real impact on branding which is simply not valuated in direct response media buying.

Interested? Simply download the white paper to get not only the numbers from the study that support these claims, but the story behind those numbers as well.

PDF としてダウンロード