Criteo Retail Weekの調査:クロスデバイス

Retail Weekの調査により、小売大手がクロスデバイスマーケティングをいかに活用しているかが明らかになりました。コンシューマージャーニーを理解する上での課題についてもご紹介します。

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68% of shoppers surveyed for this study confirmed using multiple devices when purchasing a product online. It’s clear that brands that have a cross-device marketing strategy will be best positioned to succeed in today’s digital world. Criteo partnered with Retail Week Live to produce this research which highlights the challenges and opportunities that retailers face in mapping the cross-device shopper journey.

Following are some key findings from the research which involved a consumer survey (1000 participants) and in-depth interviews with leading retailers in the UK:

  • 60% of survey respondents felt that retailers are doing a ‘good job’ when it comes to offering mobile-optimised websites.
  • 53% mentioned they are fairly happy/satisfied with the ‘ease of shop’ on smartphones, and 72% on tablets.
  • 46% said they have discovered, searched for, and purchased an item online just using their smartphone.
  • 40% feel as comfortable paying for items on their smartphone out of the home, as they are on desktop/laptop.
  • Although payment on mobile remains a pain point for consumers and subsequently retailers, evidence suggests that the growing deployment of HTML and mobile-optimised websites is working to correct this apprehension.

Download the full report for more insights on consumers’ browsing behaviour across devices and the opportunities and challenges for retail brands.

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