Criteo Predictive

Drive more Google Shopping revenue. Eliminate guesswork. Nix manual management. Powerful machine-learning technology can optimize in ways no human can beat.

Optimize every aspect of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Get maximum sales from Google Shopping with Criteo Predictive Search. Our automated solution executes against 50+ signals, including shopper behavior, device, and product, to generate the best bids for the most conversions.

How Criteo Predictive
Search Works for You.

a tight campaign.

Optimize all elements of your campaign including the feed, campaign structure, bidding, and remarketing. When everything works together you can drive the best bids and get the greatest results.

more wisely.

Set the most effective bids for both products and shoppers, and serve the most relevant ads. Best-in-class machine learning predicts the likelihood of a sale based on insights from 50+ signals.

from precision.

Build Google Shopping campaigns that are always up-to-date. Our granular model allows for precise bidding on shoppers, products, and devices.

Continuously optimize
your campaigns.

See more profits with less work.

Get more from your Google Shopping efforts with fully-automated, machine-learning technology built to increase ROI and reduce day-to-day management.

Stop guessing, start winning.

Maximize your Google Shopping efforts with an end-to-end solution that ensures every element of your campaigns — from feed optimization to campaign reports in AdWords — is working together to drive results.

Place better bids.

Make informed bids based on a granular analysis of over 50 signals, including product characteristics, performance history, shopper intent, behavior, and device.

Scale without limits.

Consistently meet your targets — even as the market changes — through campaigns that continuously adapt for retailers of all sizes.

The Smart Marketer’s
Guide to Google Shopping

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