More sales and profits.
Powered by data.

An open, collaborative ecosystem helps you connect better with shoppers.

With Criteo, you get measurable results supported by thousands of brands, retailers, and publishers. Our global scale empowers you to make strategic marketing decisions, reaching more shoppers in more places for higher ROI.

Get a more complete view of your shoppers.

Criteo organizes data from across channels into one comprehensive view. A deeper understanding of each shopper’s behavior means you can connect them to the things they need and love, no matter where they are.

Be there for your shoppers, throughout their path to purchase.

Criteo gives you the technology and intelligence to build high-value relationships at every stage of the shopping journey. Drive traffic, app engagement, and maximum sales. Acquire new shoppers, convert active ones, and even engage those from the past.

Grow and market effectively in an omnichannel world.

Those who shop in-store and online are 30% more valuable to your business. By integrating data from multiple channels and devices, Criteo User Graph helps you understand the path your shoppers take and how to best connect with them.

Harness the power of partnerships to boost revenue.

Criteo’s partnerships with thousands of retailers and brands help you sell directly to the highest intent shoppers. Our channels and tactics let you place native product ads across thousands of premium commerce sites.

Make your campaigns highly effective, with less work.

Criteo technology supports global collaboration and automated optimization. That means your campaigns are set up to drive sales and profits at scale, and you have more time back in your day.

"Criteo’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in product feeds, user data, campaign structure, and bidding helped us grow our Google Shopping program in a way we couldn’t do on our own."
Case study
Ryan Pabelona
Director, Revolve Clothing

Products for Commerce Marketers

Criteo Predictive

Maximize your Google Shopping campaigns. Our powerful machine-learning solution continuously optimizes against 50+ signals.

Criteo Sponsored

Unlock more revenue through native product ads. Our open Commerce Marketing Ecosystem helps connect thousands of brands and retailers directly with shoppers.

Criteo Dynamic

Make the most sales, see an average of 13X ROAS, and bring people back. Just by being where your shoppers need you.

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