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Debunking myths about the click

Posted by Criteo Research Team

Myths naturally permeate all walks of life and CPC is no exception. There are numerous widely held yet false beliefs regarding CPC that this research debunks. This Nielsen and Criteo research was made possible after tracking and analyzing all the clicks generated by Criteo during 6 weeks, in the US, UK, Germany and France. It reinforces how valuable clicks produced by personalized display and machine learning are in the path to purchase.

Trust Through Transparency

Posted by Jon Buss

I am very proud to announce that Criteo has been certified to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) UK Good Practice Principles by independent industry auditor ABC. This accreditation demonstrates Criteo’s commitment to creating a brand safe environment where clients can be confident that their advertising will reach the right audience and will not be associated with content that could jeopardise brand reputation.

Want to maximize sales during Ramadan? Think mobile.

Posted by Criteo Research Team

Ramadan is unlike any other time of the year in the Muslim world. It affects almost every aspect of people's lives -- and online shopping is no exception. Criteo analysed data from last year across Turkey and some key Middle-East countries to help marketers perform during this year's Ramadan month, which will start around June 18. One clear-cut lesson that we learned from looking at historical data is: mobile will be key to performing during Ramadan this year. Read more on what we saw.

Want to make it big in retail? Get personal, and get mobile in 2015.

Posted by Criteo Research Team

Things are looking good for online retailers as we head into the summer. Thanks to ongoing investments in technology and data, retailers are seeing significant growth in traffic and conversions on their e-commerce platforms, and are reporting improvements across four key digital performance indicators, including site traffic, conversion rates, average order value and repeat customer visits. A new Criteo-sponsored report from eTail analyzed interviews from nearly 100 retail professionals to see how retailers will continue to grow and build relationships with consumers online.

Is Android losing the battle with Apple?

Posted by Jonathan Wolf

It’s hard work building an app. It’s even harder work building two apps, one for iPhone and one for Android. Developers will only do this if the revenue for both is significant. If one becomes marginal, then why bother? This is the “winner take all” dynamic seen in so many technology ecosystems. Apple can do no wrong right now, so is Android in trouble?

Search, shop, book: travel bookers more mobile (and valuable) than ever

Posted by Daniele Beccari

New research from Criteo and Phocuswright identifies three key mobile trends changing the digital travel market Digital is more than a trend in travel, it is a tidal shift, and mobile is the newest wave. According to new research from Phocuswright and sponsored by Criteo, at least 85% of travelers turn online for one or more segments of the search, shop and booking process.