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Turkey retailer Boyner’s average ROI grows +50% after making Criteo their exclusive Facebook DPA marketing partner.

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Average monthly revenue growth


Average monthly ROI growth


Facebook is enormously popular in Turkey, and so Facebook marketing is a key marketing channel for Boyner, one of Turkey’s top retailers. In 2015, after working with multiple retargeting vendors to reach Facebook users and drive interaction and sales, the company consolidated its Facebook strategy entirely to Criteo, its top-performing Facebook partner. Their main goal was to increase sales without oversaturating the channel.


With Criteo handling all of Boyner’s Facebook DPA (Dynamic Product Ad) campaigns, both sales and revenue rose dramatically while maintaining a strong positive interaction with consumers and a positive social media experience. With Facebook DPA and the Criteo engine, Boyner delivers product recommendations and smart bidding campaigns seamlessly across every device consumers use to access Facebook – including smartphones, tablets and desktops.


This solution has enabled the company to significantly increase sales and ROI while staying within category budget limits:

  • 27% Average monthly revenue growth
  • 50% Average monthly ROI growth
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