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AskMeBazaar.com doubled their marketing ROI and sales by effectively engaging each individual user with Criteo’s dynamic retargeting.

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Increase in sales


Increase in conversion rates


Increase in marketing ROI


India’s largest online marketplace, ASKMEBazaar.com, allows sellers to list their products for free and only generates revenue when products sell. They enjoyed a high volume of online traffic to their site, but noted that it didn't always translate to increased sales. To convert their marketing spend into measurable ROI, they needed a more advanced retargeting tool.


Among other benefits, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting automatically incorporated browsers’ individual online navigation patterns, geographic location, shopping cart additions, and seasonality before delivering personalized ASKMEBazaar product recommendations through its dynamic ad template.


In just three months, ASKMEBazaar.com increased their conversion rates by 50% and doubled their sales and marketing ROI. They effectively addressed the biggest challenge to their bottom line—turning more browsers into buyers.

  • 2X increase in sales
  • 50% increase in conversion rates
  • 2X increase in marketing ROI
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