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Centauro lifted their conversions and generated insights from the power of cross-device. They use many of Criteo's features, like the COS algorithm.

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Incremental impressions


Of sales on devices other than original ad click


Of purchases following a mobile click


Centauro has been running Criteo campaigns since 2012 and is an early adopter of Criteo innovations. The retailer has already implemented advanced technologies such as the Criteo COS algorithm, Extended Browser Support, Engine-Optimized Segments, HTML banners and mid-funnel targeting.

Like most retailers, Centauro’s online customers are increasingly using multiple devices on the path to purchase. Centauro wanted more insight into that multi-device behavior to improve the effectiveness and performance of its online marketing.


Most recently, Centauro deployed Criteo’s cross-device solution to get a clear picture of the role each device plays in the buying cycle and to increase cross-device performance. Criteo’s cross-device solution is based on exact match identification, enabling it to track users across devices with 100% accuracy. With this technology, Centrauro was able to better understand their consumers’ multi-device path to purchase, and clearly see the importance of being able to reach consumers at each step of their journey.


Criteo’s cross-device tracking revealed an estimated:

  • 16% cross-device conversions following a click on desktop
  • 47% cross-device conversions following a click on a mobile/tablet
  • 17% sales on devices other than where the Criteo banner was clicked
  • Cross-device activation generated +3% incremental displays and +1.5% clicks
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