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By re-engaging users at different moments during the day on the appropriate device, Menlook.com has doubled sales and reduced its cost-per-order.




Cost of sale

Menlook.com wanted to increase re-engagement and conversions with the highest possible ROI.


The typical Menlook.com user experience comprises of numerous visits to Menlook.com on multiple platforms - a smartphone in the morning, a desktop during the day and a tablet in the evening. Re-engagement throughout this complex journey required a strong multi-device solution that understood the complete user journey.


By delivering top-notch technology, performance, and service, Criteo helped Menlook.com find the right balance between costs and sales. As Menlook.com continues to expand and reach more customers across the globe, they continue to partner with Criteo to accomplish their revenue and growth goals.


  • Sales increased nearly 100%.
  • CPO (cost per order) decreased 15%.

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