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UK Footwear retailer Schuh doubled their CTR and boosted new product discovery 54% after adding Criteo-powered Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads.

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Of sales driven by Dynamic Ads


CTR on FB and Instagram


New product discovery


Leading UK footwear retailer Schuh needed to reach more customers, significantly boost sales and increase their digital advertising performance overall — without increasing their cost of sale.  


Schuh partnered with Criteo to open up an additional marketing channel, adding Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads into their existing retargeting campaigns. Employing Criteo’s ability to granularly analyze a shopper’s purchase intent and precisely predict the right personalized offer on Facebook and Instagram had an immediate effect. Sales exploded.


Incorporating Criteo-powered Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads, Schuh:

  • Increased new product discovery by 54% across all channels (meaning the sales of products not previously viewed by shoppers)
  • Doubled their click-through rate on Facebook and Instagram
  • Drove 21% of their digital sales through Dynamic Ads
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