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Sklep Presto

When Sklep Presto put 4 performance marketing competitors in a head-to-head trial, Criteo earned 3X more revenue than the 2nd place finisher.

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Increased conversions more than competitors combined

Sklep Presto wanted to identify one performance advertising partner to help boost sales without boosting cost-per-order. To be confident in their decision, they did what any sporting company would do: they held a competition.


The competition put Criteo against two international performance marketing vendors and a local Polish provider. Sklep Presto measured the three things that mattered most: conversions, number of sales, and cost-per-order.


Criteo’s performance, driven by its sophisticated prediction engine, was unmatched. Criteo earned 3x more revenue for Skelp Presto than the second best competitor, generated more conversions during an average month than all competitors combined all at a comparable cost-of-sale.


  • Generated 3x the revenue of the next closest competitor.
  • Resulted in more conversions than all other competitors combined.
  • Kept cost-per order at a comparable level.
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