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SmartBuyGlasses needed to battle a high bounce-rate from checkout. Criteo’s ads now account for 7% of their online sales, making it their number one channel.

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Increased traffic


of global sales


Increased click-through rate


Eyewear company SmartBuyGlasses was seeing a high bounce-rate from its product and checkout pages, and needed a retargeting partner who could help them recapture those sales at all stages of the shopping experience.


With Criteo, SmartBuyGlasses devised a two-pronged strategy that would both bring back recent cart-abandoners as well as past SmartBuyGlasses customers back to the site. By optimizing their campaigns with multiple segments, they were able to deliver more personalized ads and ultimately convert more shoppers than ever.


Since partnering with Criteo, SmartBuyGlasses has seen:

  • their site traffic increase by 50%
  • their shoppers’ clickthrough rate increase by 14%

Criteo ads currently generate 9% of the company’s web traffic and 7% of its online sales, making it SmartBuyGlasses’ top-performing channel globally.

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