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Special Gomme

Facing low margins and a competitive market, tire retailer Special Gomme used Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to triple conversion rates while cutting CPO by 38%.

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Italian tire retailer Special Gomme operates in an unusually competitive market, where low margins make efficiency—including ROI and CPS—especially crucial. Searching for the most potent retargeting solution while keeping costs to a minimum, they turned to Criteo. 


By using Criteo Dynamic Retargeting integrated with Facebook Dynamic Ads, Special Gomme could more easily evaluate potential customers as they travelled across devices and through Criteo’s network of 17K+ publishers, giving them a better picture of purchase intent and the ability to deliver each ad at the ideal moment.


With the ability to personalize and program Facebook ads to an individual shopper, Special Gomme was able to: 

  • Double their CTR
  • Triple their site visitor conversion rate
  • Increase sales by 20% and number of purchases by 9%

...all while decreasing their cost of sales by 36% and CPO by nearly 40%.

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