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Criteo Direct Bidder

A direct path to Criteo’s unique demand via header bidding.

Start receiving the full value of every impression we buy.

Maximize revenue with Criteo through our new solution, Criteo Direct Bidder. Designed to fully tap Criteo’s spend, it directly connects your inventory to Criteo’s unique demand and ensures you retain the full value of the impressions that we buy across all of your inventory — including standard display, native ad units, and select ad-blocked impressions.

Set-up is Easy & Flexible

Set-up is Easy - Flexible


1. Plug in through the integration method of your choice: either utilize our standalone integration method, or leverage your existing header bidding wrappers through Prebid or Index.

2. Criteo Direct Bidder inserts a unique CPM for each impression, delivering the full value of the bid.

3. You maintain control over your ad server configuration, independently defining the best rules to optimize for our unique audience.

Transparent Access for Web Publishers to Criteo’s Unique Demand

Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue

Eliminate third-party fees, hidden costs, and opaque bidding mechanisms for all impressions that Criteo buys directly.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Our globally distributed network of 21,000+ servers deliver lightning-quick responses to over 120B requests per day.

More Insight, Higher Yields

More Insight, Higher Yields

Our ability to identify and dynamically respond to high-value users (through direct cookie access) allows us to get you more revenue for the same impression than via RTB.

Native Ad Integration

Native Ad Integration

Earn revenue from both standard and unique inventory. Criteo’s native capabilities allow you to transform any of your website’s property into high-performing native ad units, while also capitalizing on your existing native inventory.

Monetize Ad Block Users

Monetize Ad Block Users

According to an IAB report, 26% of global internet users have an ad-blocker installed. Our ability to serve Acceptable Ads means you monetize impressions that would otherwise remain unsold.

Maximum Revenue. Maximum Control. No Delays.


bid requests

Our 21,000+ global ad servers ensure lightning-fast responses to over 120B bid requests per day.



By retaining the full value of our bids with Criteo Direct Bidder, early adopters saw an average revenue increase from Criteo of 20-40%.


ad spend

Criteo’s global advertising spend on behalf of 15,000+ advertisers.