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How Marketers Can Find Balance Between Scale and Efficiency

What’s the number one focus of digital marketers? Managing cost. It’s the nature of the ecommerce beast. But while saving money where you can is one tactic for increasing your bottom line, sometimes the best way to maximize results is by making enough of an up-front investment.

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4 Guiding Strategies for Retailers to Cash in on the Holidays

Posted by Criteo

Retail sales for this year’s holiday season are expected to hit $617 billion — representing a 14% increase compared to last year. The most successful holiday campaigns start early, so we’ve prepared a holiday planning guide to help retailers get the most from every dollar spent this holiday season.

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Mobile Travel Apps: The time is now

Posted by Daniele Beccari

Over the past few years, there has been a huge amount of investment in the development of mobile apps. The promotion and marketing of these apps has also taken off, with paid-for downloads, app cross-selling and app installations becoming the de-facto.

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How to Win at mCommerce in Time for NY Fashion Week

Posted by Mollie Spilman

With New York Fashion Week kicking off on September 10th, retailers are on high alert to maximize sales from the catwalk. Our Fashion Flash Report is full of insights from our research team and includes vital information for fashion retailers about what’s in and what’s out for generating sales.

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How MeUndies Tripled its Return on Ad Spend

Posted by Criteo

MeUndies, an innovative California-based online retailer that offers easy and inexpensive essential basics, recently achieved 300 percent return on ad spend since partnering with Criteo in 2014 to launch a full-funnel performance marketing campaign to convert more of its top-funnel ads.

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Digital buyers turn to mobile devices on a global scale

Posted by Criteo Market Insights Team

If you’re a marketer that helps to sell anything online, by now you’ve probably read Jonathan Wolf’s blog post highlighting what you need to do to stay ahead of your customers on mobile devices in the US. The research team dug deeper into the data to discover if people’s behavior is the same the world over, and we discovered that not only are the trends global, in some markets they are intensified.

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