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13 Reasons Why Working at Criteo is Awesome

Here at Criteo, we’re big on culture. As a global company founded in France and a leader in the tech space, we believe in working hard, but we also believe that a little “je ne sais quoi” (or what makes coming to work and being part of an awesome team rewarding and fun) goes a long way. Check out our top-hit list of perks.

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How to Win at mCommerce in Time for NY Fashion Week

Posted by Mollie Spilman

September in New York City means music festivals, Labor Day getaways, the beginning of a cooler season and New York Fashion Week--one of the most recognized fashion events in the world. With Fashion Week kicking off on September 10th, retailers are on high alert to maximize sales from the catwalk. That’s why we’ve decided to release our Fashion Flash Report. When it comes to the latest trends in fashion e-commerce, look no further than this report. It’s full of up-to-the-minute insights from our research team and includes vital information for fashion retailers about what’s in and what’s out for generating sales.

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How MeUndies Tripled its Return on Ad Spend

Posted by Criteo

MeUndies, an innovative California-based online retailer that offers easy and inexpensive essential basics, recently achieved 300 percent return on ad spend since partnering with Criteo in 2014 to launch a full-funnel performance marketing campaign to convert more of its top-funnel ads. Just released, we’re excited to share their story!

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Digital buyers turn to mobile devices on a global scale

Posted by Criteo Market Insights Team

If you’re a marketer that helps to sell anything online, by now you’ve probably read Jonathan Wolf’s blog post highlighting what you need to do to stay ahead of your customers on mobile devices in the US. The research team set about to dig deeper into the data to discover if people’s behavior is the same the world over, and we discovered that not only are the trends global, in some markets they are intensified.

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The Criteo Engine Part 2: Price and Recommendation

Posted by Dan Teodosiu

Why is delivering an ad so complicated? It’s a combination of timely response and personalization. For any given ad, Criteo has less than 50 milliseconds to determine the optimal combination of factors that will induce the consumer to click, create the ad and then deliver it to the correct location; this time bound is due to the fact that most RTB platforms only take into account bids that they receive within 100ms or less, and we need to take into account the network latency as well. The result is a personalized ad delivered for the right price, to the right consumer at the right time. The power behind this process is the Criteo Engine.

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The Criteo Engine Part 1: The Heart of the Engine

Posted by Dan Teodosiu

No industry has had more of an impact on business in the last few years than internet technology. Technology is responsible for a new revolution, changing the foundations upon which organizations are run. In this series of blog posts, we explore the Criteo Engine, what it means for the teams, looking at the pricing recommendation, the need for speed in data science and infrastructure, digging into what makes the Criteo difference for our clients.

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Go Mobile or Go Home: But what do I do?

Posted by Criteo

OK, so you don’t need to be told again – the world has gone mobile and if your strategy isn’t mobile first you should be brushing up your resume or else getting ready to live in an attic with the typewriter salesmen and Blackberry-holster makers… But let’s say you really want to keep your job – what should you do?

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