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How to Get Your Boss to Invest in More in Search

As a mature channel, search doesn’t get as much attention as the new kids on the blogs (er, block — digital, video, social, and mobile, we’re looking at you). And we agree: Search isn’t exactly the sexiest weapon in the digital marketing arsenal. But in the battle to win at results-driven campaigns, search continues to lead. Here’s why, plus how to convince your boss to spend more on it.

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This is the Future of People-Based Marketing

What does the future hold in an increasingly omnichannel world? Len Ostroff, VP, Global Business Development at Criteo, recently attended RampUp 2017 and shared some thoughts on what we see taking place over the next few years.

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How Webmotors Increased Conversions By 33%

Webmotors, Brazil's biggest automotive online classified marketplace, needed to generate more leads at a low cost and increase their ad conversions in order to drive more relevant traffic to their site. Here's how they did it.

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How to Capitalize on Cross-Device Commerce

In the fast moving world of ecommerce, establishing trends or truths is a tricky business. What does this mean for your existing mCommerce strategies? And how can you capitalize on shifts in shopper behavior to get ahead?

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13 Reasons Why Working at Criteo is Awesome

Here at Criteo, we’re big on culture. As a global company founded in France and a leader in the tech space, we believe in working hard, but we also believe that a little “je ne sais quoi” (or what makes coming to work and being part of an awesome team rewarding and fun) goes a long way. Check out our top-hit list of perks.

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