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What Makes Criteo's Engine Hum? Kinetic Design

Kinetic Design, part of the powerful Criteo Engine, provides the capabilities needed to make the most engaging connection with shoppers and thus, optimizes the likelihood of a click, followed by a sale.

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What's the Difference Between CPC and CPM?

Online ads are sold under a few basic pricing models. The most popular ones are CPM and CPC. Want to know the difference (and figure out which you should be using)? You’ve come to the right place.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Every Retailer Should Do Retargeting

Retargeting can be the online retailer’s best friend. When used strategically, it can be an incredibly effective way to capture more sales. To savvy and on-the-fence shoppers, it can be the gentle nudge back toward merchandise they’re already interested in — and a deal they might not want to let get away.

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How Thrive Market Got Its Conversion Rate to Skyrocket 90%

A startup offering thousands of natural and organic products, Thrive Market wanted to take full advantage of Google Shopping. But they needed a solution to help sell more memberships and grow the channel without complex manual management. Here's how they succeeded.

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