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Criteo Predictive Search

The most efficient way for retailers to drive revenue and growth in Google Shopping
using our game-changing, predictive technology.

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Drive up to 49% More Google Shopping Revenue

The complexity required to successfully manage Google Shopping campaigns has skyrocketed and competition within the channel is fierce. Early beta testers of Criteo Predictive Search, including 30 leading U.S. Retailers, have seen as much as a 22-49 percent lift in revenue (at constant cost).

Google Shopping Growth without the Guesswork

Unlike a reactive, manually-driven Product Listing Ads (PLA) approach, Criteo Predictive Search is built specifically to drive greater sales and ROI from Google Shopping with minimal effort. Integrating our industry-leading performance marketing technology and programmatic learning of shopping behavior across 1.2B active consumers monthly, it is a fully automated solution that continually applies precise, predictive optimization to every aspect of your PLA campaigns. 

Spend less time manually optimizing your PLA campaigns and more time perfecting the rest of your search strategy, all while getting a better ROAS (return on advertising spend).  

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REVOLVE Clothing used Criteo Predictive Search to transform the granularity that they were able to bid on products, increasing conversions by 16% and ROAS by 36%.

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How it Works

How it Works

Feed Optimization

Evaluates all feed data—including critical product-level attributes and historical values—to minimize any errors and ensure that Google has the most accurate information and context for continuous, agile optimization.

Machine Learning

Seamlessly adjusts all campaign elements and user lists—simultaneously  integrating knowledge of user, product, device and intent—to generate the ideal bid and increase the likelihood of a purchase, every time.

Campaigns & Reporting in AdWords

Review campaign reports in AdWords, providing clarity and insights about your Google Shopping performance in order to help you reach and exceed your business goals.

Forrester Report: As Paid Search Evolves, Marketers Must Too

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Criteo investigates how retail marketers are staying ahead in paid search — a critical eCommerce channel marked by complexity and constant change.

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Win at Google Shopping with Criteo Predictive Search

Built to Perform

Built to Perform

Using our proven machine-learning technology, Criteo Predictive Search was purpose-built to take the guesswork out of Google Shopping and drive ROI in that channel.

 Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

Seamless, adaptive  bidding that reflects a granular understanding of product characteristics, performance history, device, user intent and behavior.

Unlimited Ability to Scale

Unlimited Ability to Scale

Consistently meet your targets—even during market peaks—with little to no manual intervention. It continuously adapts Google Shopping programs of any size.

End-to-End Solution

End-to-End Solution

Fully automated, ongoing adjustment of campaign structure, settings, negatives, bid modifiers and budget caps saves you time and effortlessly maximizes PLA revenue.