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TUI Travel PLC

TUIfly.com surpassed aggressive CPC goals and reached 1.9 million users in a powerful one-day campaign using predictive targeting.

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Until 2014, TUIfly.com had been using conventional segmentation strategies to manually optimize its performance display marketing - with good results. But multiple campaigns with diverse goals added complexity to its marketing programs. Plus, it was always looking for performance improvements.


Criteo’s new CRO made the entire bidding process more efficient and lucrative for TUIfly.com by optimizing bids on user propensity to convert vs. just click. With Engine Optimized Segments, users are categorized only by destination, with a single CPC designated for each category. The Criteo engine does the rest of the work, discovering automatically which users within that destination category are most valuable. 

"Continual optimization is vital to our marketing efforts, and with Criteo, we always have an opportunity to try something new and to continually innovate in performance display, a very important channel in our mix.”

Gretlies Ringe
Marketing Campaign Manager, TUIfly.com


  • Managing CPCs is much simpler now with fewer segments in the mix
  • Average basket value increased by 9%
  • CPC was reduced by 5%
  • Overall cost-of-sale went down by 14%
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