Criteo Engine

Smarter campaigns.
More sales and profits.

Drive performance with the Criteo Engine.

The Criteo Engine powers our products, continuously organizing and analyzing insights on over 1.4 billion active monthly shoppers and more than $600 billion ecommerce transactions every year.

Make your budget go further.

By recognizing shopper habits like previously viewed and purchased products, sites visited and interactions, our technology uses real data across a suite of products to drive the most sales.

The Criteo
Engine components.

Kinetic Design

Kinetic Design serves up the best visual elements for each impression, using your brand guidelines. It creates video and display ads based on real-time insights to engage shoppers at every stage of their journey.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations utilize behavioral insights and reach shoppers with personalized suggestions on interesting items that are most likely to convert.

Predictive Bidding

Predictive Bidding applies granular data about shoppers and their interactions to bid at the right price and the right time.

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