Criteo Engine

Smarter campaigns. More sales and profits.

The Criteo Engine powers our products, using powerful machine learning to continuously analyze insights on over 1.4 billion active monthly shoppers and more than $615 billion ecommerce transactions every year.

By learning from shopper behaviors like product and visual preferences, sites visited, and ad interactions, our technology engages shoppers at the right moment with individually tailored ads to drive the most sales and the best value from your budget.

Drive performance
with the Criteo Engine.

Get the best value from your budget

Sensible spending as standard. Data-driven predictions of every shopper’s engagement, conversion, and basket value allow the Criteo Engine to allocate your budget, based on each impression’s worth to you.

See beautiful creative and top performance

No need to choose between design and performance! Our Creative consultants work closely with you to codify your design requirements, and provide stunning creatives which DCO+scales intelligently for optimal reach and results.

Achieve individual personalization on a massive scale

Scale individual personalization to an otherwise-unreachable level. The Engine considers the context of every single impression to provide an ad that’s best for each shopper at that moment.

Reach your business goals with flexible optimization

Meet revenue, conversions, clicks, or product margin goals with the Criteo Engine’s optimization models, which ensure you target shoppers with products and ads likely to drive your desired results.

Get the most from your entire product catalog

Entice shoppers with dynamic displays of products they’ll love. Criteo’s Product Recommendations technology accurately predicts shopper interests and delivers an average of 28% of sales from products previously unseen.

Take advantage of technological innovation

Benefit from the latest machine learning technology, which continually evolves as it analyzes the largest open shopper data set in the world. Dedicated teams run over 30,000 tests a year to finetune the Engine’s algorithms and drive better results for you.

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The Criteo Engine components.


DCO+ serves up the best visual elements for each impression, using your brand guidelines. It creates video and display ads based on real-time insights to engage shoppers at every stage of their journey.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations utilize behavioral insights and reach shoppers with personalized suggestions on interesting items that are most likely to convert.

Predictive Bidding

Predictive Bidding applies granular data about shoppers and their interactions to bid at the right price and the right time.

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