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Kinetic Design


Using insights from 1.2 billion active monthly shoppers, Kinetic Design tailors your ads to each individual while adhering to your brand standards, serving up the most engaging content for maximum sales. Every single time.

Personalize ads to drive more sales.

Attention spans are short, especially when it comes to online spaces. That means marketers have only a fraction of a second to grab a shopper’s attention. Kinetic Design chooses the best color scheme, layout, and call-to-action within your brand guidelines so you can drive conversions from every ad.

What Makes Criteo’s Engine Hum:
Kinetic Design.

How Kinetic Design
Powers our Products.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

Kinetic Design powers our dynamic retargeting product by determining the right ad design for every device, for every context, and for every stage of the shopper journey — maximizing the impact of retargeted ads.

Criteo Sponsored Products

By informing the look and feel, as well as the placement that will most effectively drive clicks on retailer sites, Kinetic Design lets Criteo Sponsored Products offer tailored ads that maximize revenue.

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