Predictive Bidding

The right bid at the right time.

Without insight into shoppers’ potential value, your budget won’t make the impact it could.

Powered by a massive amount of data on shoppers, products, publisher sites, and the interactions between them, Predictive Bidding determines the value-to-cost ratio for every single impression.

Predictive Bidding accurately forecasts each shopper’s engagement, conversion and basket value, and bids the right price for ad inventory to reach them. This drives optimal results from your budget, whatever your business goal.

Smarter bids for the best campaign performance.

Drive the best value from your budget

Sensible spending, as standard. Data-driven predictions of every shopper’s potential engagement, conversion, and basket value allow the Engine to allocate your budget based on each shopper’s worth to you.

Reach your business goals with flexible optimization

Meet revenue, conversions, clicks, or product margin goals with optimization models which ensure your ads target shoppers likely to drive your desired results.

Get the right ad inventory for each shopper

Reliably reach shoppers via suitable ad inventory, chosen by the Engine based on predicted inventory and publisher site performance for every individual impression.

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How Predictive Bidding
Powers our Products.

Criteo Dynamic

Predictive Bidding helps Criteo Dynamic Retargeting boost the performance of your campaigns by only targeting the right shoppers at the right time in their shopping journey.

Criteo Customer Acquisition

Predictive Bidding helps Criteo Customer Acquisition precisely target new customers similar to your ‘ideal’ website shopper, based on their shopping preferences and likelihood to engage.

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