Predictive Bidding

Powered by a massive amount of data on shoppers, products, publishers, and their interactions, Predictive Bidding places the right bid at the right price and right time for each individual.

The right bid at the right time.

Without comprehensive insight, your spend won’t make as big of an impact as it could. Our Predictive Bidding technology applies real-time bidding scenarios for paid search and display ads, determining the value-to-cost ratio based on shopper histories, and powers our products to bid at the optimal time and rate for your target audience.

What Makes Criteo’s Engine
Hum: Predictive Bidding.

How Predictive Bidding
Powers our Products.

Criteo Dynamic

Predictive Bidding helps Criteo Dynamic Retargeting boost the performance of your campaigns by only targeting the right shoppers at the right time in their shopping journey.

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