Why Criteo?

When it comes to results, we deliver. And tests prove it. For advertisers, our cost-per-click model means post-click sales and ROI that’s easy to measure and delivers on cost of sales targets.   

Powered by the Criteo Engine, we deliver individually targeted ads that are dynamically created in real-time to drive conversion and sales.

And because we work with leading real-time bidding (RTB) networks in addition to our direct relationships with more than 7,000 publishers, advertisers benefit from our scale and reach.

  • $198b sales transactions analyzed in 2013 
  • 590b+ ads served in 2013
  • 924.5m internet users reached monthly – 2nd in ComScore global rankings*
  • $12bn post-click client sales generated in 12 months preceeding June 30, 2014
  • 7000+ publishers

    * March 2014 ComScore report

What we do


Understand how the Criteo Engine drives results using predictive algorithms, machine learning and massive amounts of consumer data.

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Individually targeted cost-per-click advertising for mobile, social, desktop, and email across leading RTB platforms and more than 7,000 direct publishers.

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See the range of game-changing opportunities and solutions that Criteo enables for retail, travel and other advertisers.

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Case Studies

  • Secret Escapes Secret Escapes
  • SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey
  • Domain Domain
  • Sykes Cottages Sykes Cottages
  • Biltorvet Biltorvet
  • BMW X-Drive BMW X-Drive
  • Marco & Vasco Marco & Vasco
  • Secret Escapes

    • Secret Escapes, a membership-based luxury hotels and vacations, has recently enjoyed a significant global expansion
    • Criteo used their unique platform’s technical data to helps Secret Escapes in their international reach
    • The Results: 60-100% month-on-month increase in Return on Investment (ROI)

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    Secret Escapes
  • Survey​Monkey

    • SurveyMonkey wanted to convert more users of their free online tools into paying customers, and knew Performance Display advertising was the way to do it
    • They wanted to make sure that they choose right partner with the most effective technology and reach.
    • With Criteo, SurveyMonkey saw a 32% reduction in cost per acquisition while continuing to scale new sign-ups

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    For most businesses, Performance Display should be a no-brainer to help improve the overall conversion of users who are in the consideration stage for purchasing your product.;

    Gallant Chen, Director of Online Marketing, SurveyMonkey

  • Domain

    • Domain Australia is a fast-growing Real-Estate company with a broad online presence, and retargeting plays a large part of that success
    • Criteo’s open, transparent approach, combined with full access for Domain to high-level Criteo resources, creates an environment for efficient collaboration
    • The results exceeded Domain’s Domain’s previous partners, with incremental increases in overall lead generation 

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  • Sykes Cottages

    • Sykes Cottages needed a new performance display vendor who could reach a larger audience without increasing their cost of sales
    • Criteo made use of its direct access to an impressive 6,000 publishing partners
    • The result: sales more than doubled, but the CPA actually decreased

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    Sykes Cottages
  • Biltorvet

    • Since finding the right car in Denmark is a long process, Biltorvet wanted something other than search to acquire and  retain users on the site
    • Biltorvet ran a display ad campaign with Criteo to re-activate the most profitable users and encourage them to convert
    • After just one month Biltorvet saw a significant increase in leads to the site and very hight convertion rates

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  • BMW X-Drive

    • BMW, one of the “German Big 3” luxury automakers, wanted expand its marketing strategy to web users beyond retargeting, with a proven cost per lead
    • Criteo’s ability to expand the retargeting campaigns specifically to new users, on a pure CPC basis, was the perfect solution
    • With the campaign, 62% of exposed users visited automotive websites and were twice as likely to visit than average Internet users

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    BMW X-Drive
  • Marco & Vasco

    • Marco & Vasco, specializing in elite, tailor-made travel experiences, attribute their rapid growth to their online strategy
    • As performance display plays a large part, for them, the most important key metric was CPL (cost per lead)
    • With Criteo’s commitment to performance and ROI (return on investment), Marco & Vasco saw an increased sales and in profitability

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    Marco & Vasco