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In-App Advertising Is Taking Off, But When Will Messaging Open Up?

Consumers spend an enormous amount of time on mobile, particularly with chat and messenger apps, such as Line, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This represents a huge business opportunity for marketers, who must figure out how to leverage messenger services and add the in-app channel into their cross-device campaigns.

4 Holiday Ecommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore

At least a third of the projected $617 billion to be spent this holiday season is expected to come from ecommerce transactions. Here are four top trends to boost consumer engagement and maximize sales this holiday shopping season.

How to reach the cross-device shopper

The mobile revolution is more extreme than any other megatrend in technology today. For a long while now, the growth of mobile adoption amongst consumers has been talked about, but the pace of change continues to be rapid and is accelerating. As a brand, being seamlessly present across all devices and actively engaging users, especially on mobile, is key to winning in this new mobile world. But, it’s easier said than done in some cases. The secrets to success are still in progress, but there are some fundamental steps brands need to take today in order to win.

Mobile-Savvy Fashion Shoppers Turn To Apps For The Holidays

As retailers gear up for the last quarter of the year, they’ve been carefully prepping for the 2015 holiday shopping season in an effort to maximize sales. They’ve strategically mapped out marketing plans, advertising creative and in-store displays to capture consumer attention. However, as the path to purchase quickly shifts to mobile, one crucial element continues to need improvement. Often overlooked, yet invaluable for boosting sales, the user mobile experience will be key for retailers looking to drive profit during the upcoming gift-giving season.

Retailers can learn from e-commerce gains last holiday season

The day after Thanksgiving is becoming less an in-store, discount-driven event where shoppers line up in the cold, run into stores and fight over the last $29 tablet computer or coveted Barbie doll, and more of an online phenomenon driven by shoppers using smartphones, a study finds. Data shows online sales were 275% higher for mass merchants on Black Friday last year than during non-holiday periods, nearly hitting the level of the Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday, according to research by ad tech firm Criteo S.A.

Black Friday Gains Online Steam as Mobile Use Rises (subscription based)

After crunching data from 200 retailers and over 60 million online transactions during last year’s holiday shopping season, performance marketing firm Criteo discovered just how key an event Black Friday is online. Moreover, the firm said 32 percent of e-commerce transactions that occurred on Black Friday were done on a mobile device. Criteo’s analysis showed that the so-called “Bounceback Tuesday” experiences a strong spike in online sales as well.

The One Thing More Important Than Being in Silicon Valley

First and foremost, it’s important that your startup is based on an innovative and useful technology that will uniquely help companies and consumers. Put simply, there must be a market for your business idea. The second key is to build a team that can execute on your vision and scale. Startups usually begin with only a handful of employees, so thinking about the right and best team is more important than choosing a location.

Criteo Gets To A Billion

OK, what was the performance in Q3? Well, revenues spiked by 54% to €299 million. In fact, for the past year, they have hit the €1 billion milestone. Not bad for a company that was founded in 2005.

Criteo Pools Data From Over 6,000 Brands To Power Its Device Graph

Criteo is prepping a Universal Match product as a serious contender in the cross-device arms race. The company is pooling anonymized data from two-thirds of its 9,300 brand customers in its consumer database. Every brand that participates provides CRM data (not unlike Google’s Customer Match) that would enable them to target specific users cross-platform through a hashed ID. Criteo says it can take the concept of custom audience matching, which Facebook has done for years, and apply it more broadly across web publishers and apps using its unique identifier, the Criteo ID.

The 4 Elements of a Winning Ecommerce Ad Strategy

Digital advertising, also known as Internet or online advertising, can be a complicated space. With the numerous devices and channels available today for people to access content, consume information and make purchasing decisions, it can be challenging for a brand to succeed in engaging users and driving sales. But, it has never been as important as it is today. Ensuring the customer journey is seamless across all devices is a must for companies when people are fickle and have more options to browse and purchases than ever before. Here are the four ecommerce strategies that empower brands to attract consumers and boost sales.

3 tips for choosing the right mobile ad approach

We're living in a mobile-first world, where there are 7.2 billion people and 7.5 billion mobile devices. With mobile ad spend expected to hit $100 billion by 2016, and account for 72 percent of digital ad spend by 2019, mobile ads are becoming the biggest digital advertising market. As marketers tailor their ad strategies to mobile consumers, they need to decide how to divide their marketing investment between the two primary mobile formats: in-app and mobile web ads.

Three Tricks to Boost Halloween Sales

Halloween is just around the corner and its not just a holiday for the candy industry, but for party goers and hosts too. This infographic by Criteo, shows why it is important to start figuring out how to maximize your Halloween sales.

The 30 most powerful women in mobile advertising

Men tend to dominate the mobile advertising world. So each year Business Insider asks readers and companies to nominate who they think are the most influential women in the business. Criteo CRO Mollie Spilman is number six on the list.

How a stranger can save you from a total business disaster

The Entrepreneur Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in America’s startup scene contribute answers to timely questions about entrepreneurship and careers. Today’s answer to the question “How can a connection with a stranger lead to your next business success?” is written by Mollie Spilman, chief revenue officer at Criteo.

LendingTree Puts Ad Tech Vendors Through Their Paces

It’s a bit of a balancing act, said Rob Deichert, managing director for North American operations at Criteo, which has served as LendingTree’s main retargeting partner since going through the testing process several years ago. “How frequently you test is something that every advertiser needs to think about,” Deichert said. “Testing a lot is great, but there’s a real cost to that. You also need to consider what the testing does to your customer experience. If the vendor you’re testing doesn’t perform as well as what’s already in place, that means lost sales.”

Criteo and the Cost per Click

“You should never forget that we are a tech company,” insists Benoît Fouilland, the CFO of Criteo, an online advertising company that tries to help its clients get clicks from potential customers. During an interview with CFO in late September, Fouilland spoke about that and other aspects of his job and of his company.

Ad Tech Exec: Consumers Will Demand Ad-Supported Content

Criteo’s chief operating officer, Erich Eichman, says even though ad blockers are bigger now than ever before, Criteo has “yet to see an impact on its (operating) numbers.” Mr. Eichman said advertisers and publishers were beginning to fight back against ad blockers, with efforts ranging from blocking ad-blockers to improving the ad experience. “We are also seeing quite a bit of activity from early stage companies that are finding solutions to this problem,” he said.

How Phones Are Taking Over Ecommerce

By Criteo’s reckoning, consumers are increasingly browsing on one device -- perhaps a work PC or home laptop -- and then finalizing that transaction from their smartphone. Going forward, Criteo expects the fraction of cross-device transactions completed on mobile to grow quickly, as shoppers get more and more comfortable with completing purchases on the go.

Smartphones becoming the purchase device of choice

Consumers who make purchases on mobile devices are turning toward smartphones over other options, according to Criteo's "State of Mobile Commerce" report for Q3 2015. The study found that 4 in 10 transactions now involve multiple devices in some fashion, and that cross-device purchasers are 20 percent more likely to complete the transaction on their mobile device than the average user.

Five Tips To Getting Programmatic Marketing Right

In 2009, programmatic advertising--the automated buying and selling of digital advertising inventory--changed the face of online advertising by allowing companies to more efficiently and effectively place ads across multiple devices. With programmatic ad spend expected to reach $14.88 billion by year end, it has grown to become an essential part of every successful digital marketing strategy.

6 Charts That Show Mobile Booking’s Gain on Desktop Around the World

The percentage of mobile travel bookings have grown for the past six consecutive quarters while desktop bookings continue on a downward slope. The pace of mobile’s rise, of course, varies region by region and new data show travelers from the U.S. and countries in the Asia-Pacific region are converting on mobile more than those in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From online travel agencies versus hotels’ mobile websites to mobile app versus mobile web, Criteo, an ad tech company, asked more than 500 travel companies around the world what their growth rates look like for these cases and more. The data span from early 2014 to the present and includes analysis from more than one billion travel bookings worldwide.

Online travel agencies leave hotels at the door when it comes to mobile booking

Consumers are opting to book hotels via online travel agencies rather than direct with suppliers when it comes to booking via smartphone according to some research. The Criteo Travel Flash report reveals says hotels bookings made on smartphone are three times higher for OTAs compared with hotels and that the trend increases from January when OTA bookings are about 19% to June when they hit 26%.

This Just In: Mobile Drives One Third of Fashion Sales

In case you ever doubted, the hot-off-the-presses Fashion Flash Report from digital performance marketing firm Criteo reveals that mobile websites and apps account for 33 percent of sales in the fashion and luxury vertical. According to Criteo chief revenue officer Mollie Spilman, a good number of apparel and accessories retailers are taking a "mobile-first" approach to their digital strategies, given that to date their mobile payoff has been greater than in other verticals.

The Big Deal About a Little Mobile 'Buy' Button

Smart companies like the ones quick to jump on mobile buy buttons are putting the consumer experience first because they realize that the lines are quickly getting blurred between desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

3 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Win at Webrooming

There is no stopping the rise of online shopping. The product options are endless, it’s simple, more convenient, often cost-efficient—and the list goes on. It’s no shock that ecommerce has been lauded the future of retail, reaching $1.5 trillion in sales in 2014. Naturally, brick-and-mortar sales have been threatened, but not how one may think.

Criteo's ad tech power play

Eric Eichmann, Criteo president & COO, discusses the key to unlocking advertising value for social media companies.

Criteo: The Antidote For Ad-Tech Woes

For investors, the ad-tech sector has been mostly a disaster. But there is one company that has bucked the trend – that is, Criteo. Criteo has a fairly unique approach to the ad-tech business. Keep in mind that the company is obsessed with helping customers drive sales.

Criteo Continues Growth Streak, Adding 730 Customers And Hefty Revenue Gains

Criteo turned in a solid second quarter, growing its revenue ex-TAC by 65% to €110 million (US$120 million), up from €67 million (US$73 million) last year. Criteo continued its client growth streak, adding 730 net new advertiser clients in the last quarter to total about 8,500. It claims those clients are spending more, too, resulting in 25% ex-TAC revenue increases at common currency.

Criteo Raises Revenue Forecast for the Year

Criteo, one of the few profitable advertising technology companies, raised its sales forecast for the year as revenue in the latest quarter benefited from a record number of new clients and increased spending from existing customers.

Mobile booking is here, but travel firms are missing out

Mobile is the new normal – 34 % of global ecommerce transactions across all industries are happening on mobile devices. In travel alone, one-third of the bookings in major countries around the world are now coming from mobile devices. With the rise of mobile bookings, clear winners and losers have surfaced, proving that there is real competition in the space and a strong thirst from consumers for a better experience.

CFOs: Are You Ready For An IPO?

According to research from Renaissance Capital, the past two years have seen the most U.S. IPO activity since 2000, with 222 IPOs in 2013 and a whopping 273 in 2014. As we’ve seen with recent activity at Uber and Dropbox, there’s a clear link between who occupies the CFO chair and a potential IPO. Benoit Fouilland, CFO of Criteo, has experience leading a company through an IPO. I recently spoke with Benoit about how Criteo has changed post-IPO and the skills CFOs need to successfully navigate the transformation.

Hey millennial women—let’s get past the idea that career and family is either-or

The question of whether women must choose family or career advancement has become more prevalent as women have started to seek higher-powered roles. I’m here to say that they don’t have to choose. While I can’t claim to have perfected the balancing act, I have learned some valuable lessons over the past 16 years about maintaining stability between home life with my husband and two sons, and my career as I have taken on C-level roles at Ad.com, Yahoo!, Millennial Media, and now Criteo.

41% Buy on Smartphone, 37% on Desktop

Using more than one device in the course of a purchase is becoming more common. This should be no surprise to anyone making purchases, which could be pretty much anyone, but it does pose some rather significant challenges to those doing the selling. One recent study did somewhat of a breakdown of what buying looks like by device when using more than one in the path to purchase.

AOL to manage Microsoft ads: Why increased consolidation is good news

Consolidation in the digital advertising industry is a hot and controversial topic. In the last couple of years, mergers and acquisitions have been frequent, and the stakes high. In April of this year, Twitter purchased TellApart for over $500 million to help improve online and mobile ads. And just the other day, AOL announced that it will manage ad sales for most of Microsoft’s ad-supported properties. -Byline authored by Criteo's Chief Revenue officer, Mollie Spilman

Mobile Is Converting: Accounts For More Than 30 Percent Of US Ecommerce Transactions In Q2

More than 30 percent of US ecommerce transactions among online retailers and travel firms are now driven by mobile. That number is expected to top 33 percent by year-end, according to Criteo’s Q2 Mobile Commerce Report issued Thursday. Among the top 25 percent of US retailers, mobile’s share is already at 40 percent. The report also showed interesting stats regarding cross-device and app transactions.

Mobile dominates UK e-commerce marketplace (UK)

Performance marketing technology company Criteo has released its 2015 State of Mobile Commerce report, which reveals that mobile apps generate almost 50 per cent of mobile transactions for some of the largest e-commerce players who have made their app experience a priority. This is due to much higher conversion rates than mobile browser or even desktop, says the research. In addition, 40 percent of ecommerce transactions now involve more than one device as smartphones, desktops and tablets are used in a variety of combinations to research and make purchasing decisions.

Europe’s top 50 tech entrepreneurs

From music streaming and digital mapping to wearable devices and food-on-demand: meet the FT’s Eurotech 50, our pick of Europe’s top technology entrepreneurs. The competition launched in June 2015 alongside Founders Forum, a leading network of digital innovators. Find out more about the the region’s most interesting technology start-ups below.

How Advertising Won the (UK)

The web is getting smarter about user needs. Jon Buss, UK MD at Criteo, explains how that betters your online experience.

Travelers Navigate to Brand Sites, Not OTAs, to Book

Airlines and hotels have an edge over online travel agencies (OTAs) when it comes to digital booking, according to December 2014 research by Criteo and PhoCusWright. - See more at: http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1012550#sthash.Or3D7jtU.dpuf

Conversions rethink prompted by the new digital travel funnel

The travel sector is competitive. While it has one of the largest pools of online customers, these users often lack loyalty. - See more at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/conversion-rethink-prompted-digital-travel-funnel-+Criteo/#sthash.kCicORpW.dpuf

Inside Criteo, The Golden Child Of Ad Tech

The public market has not been too kind to ad tech companies, but French performance marketing company Criteo has seemingly fared far better (it had five straight quarters of revenue growth and a market cap of $2.6 billion).

Women in Business: Mollie Spilman, Chief Revenue Officer, Criteo

Mollie Spilman is Chief Revenue Office at Criteo, which she joined in 2014, and leads all commercial operations globally. She has spent 24 years in the media business, with 16 of those years in the digital ad space. Prior to Criteo she was EVP, Global Sales and Operations at Millennial Media and CMO at Yahoo! Her experience also includes the roles of CEO at two ad tech start-ups as well as senior executive positions at other large media companies including Time Warner, Meredith Corporation and Discovery Networks. Mollie has been honored with multiple industry awards, including Mobile Marketing's "Mobile Women to Watch" in 2012 and Ad Age's "Women to Watch" in 2013. She has also served as a Director of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Mobile Marketing Association and the Ad Council.

Ad Tech M&A: A Win-Win For Advertisers

Twitter’s acquisition of TellApart reignited what’s become a familiar narrative within the ad tech industry over the past year or so. It goes something like this: Twitter, Facebook and Google, in an attempt to create the most comprehensive marketing stacks possible, are scooping up tech providers and in some cases, restricting third-party access to their networks. This creates the impression of a “walled garden” model in which a few big players are perceived to control the vast majority of the digital marketing ecosystem, while small players are either squeezed out or bought up, thus stifling innovation.

Criteo Q1 Revenues up 71 per cent on 2014 (UK)

Criteo has announced its financial results for Q1 2015 with news of a 71 per cent increase in revenues year-on-year, having brought in €262m (£187m) in the first three months of the year.

Mother’s Day Shopping Trends

Know what the key trends are for Mother’s Day? This infographic by Criteo showed peak sale dates leading up to Mother’s Day. The peak sale dates showed how various dates are important for various gifts and how each month compared to another.

The demand for true ROI

In the early days of digital advertising, proving a return on investment was notoriously difficult. While significant advances have been made, the industry continues to cycle through various forms of measurement -- from impressions, to click-through rates, to complex attribution models. Accurately capturing ROI is made even more complicated as consumers increasingly move between multiple devices throughout the day.

U.S. Mother’s Day Shopping Trends 2015

Mother’s Day is taking place on May 10, 2015. On this holiday, consumers of all ages try to show the mothers in their lives that they care by buying them thoughtful gifts such as flowers and jewelry.

Excellent Commerce (UK)

With so much competition online what are retailers doing to make their eCommerce websites stand out from the crowd? How do retailers drive traffic to websites and then crucially convert visitors in to shoppers?

Surveys point to what Mom wants

Gym memberships? A new hair style? A fun meal with the family? Kids (and dads) across the country are looking for something great for Mom this Mother's Day, and we've got some inside scoop.

Apple Watch Launch: What Does It mean For Marketers? (UK)

"The launch of the Apple Watch is set to be a roaring success, with pre-orders skyrocketing earlier this year. Apple has emphasised the functionality offered by apps - notifications about the weather, fitness tracking, location and messages - but the jury is still out in terms of hoe the watch will stack up as an advertising platform."

Cross-Device Targeting Becomes Top Mobile Marketing Priority For 2015

More than half (58%) of retail executives and ad agencies point to cross-device targeting as their most important asset for mobile marketing efforts in 2015, according to research from Criteo. The research shows that 42% of these respondents consider consumer engagement as the top goal for their mobile app strategies.

Report: Mobile Transactions, Sales Skyrocket

Personalized advertising company Criteo unveiled its “State of Mobile Commerce” report for the first quarter of 2015 on Friday, showing just how important it is to be mobile-friendly in the travel industry and beyond.

Study: Smartphones replace tablets as dominant device for mobile transactions

Smartphones are now responsible for more than one-third of online transactions globally, and the growth of larger screen sizes and better mobile sites is only going to accelerate this trend, according to a new study by Criteo. By the end of 2015, the mobile share of e-commerce transactions will reach 33% in the U.S., and 40% globally.

Study: Smartphones replace tablets as dominant device for mobile transactions

Smartphones are now responsible for more than one-third of online transactions globally, and the growth of larger screen sizes and better mobile sites is only going to accelerate this trend, according to a new study by Criteo. By the end of 2015, the mobile share of e-commerce transactions will reach 33% in the U.S., and 40% globally.

Is this the next big market for e-commerce?

China and India are currently the darlings of global e-commerce, boasting the world's fastest-growing markets, but a third Asian market could join their ranks in the coming years.

4 Mobile Strategies That Will Help Startups Gain Market Share

By now, most business leaders agree that mobile is a necessary part of business strategy, as customers increasingly rely on smartphones and other mobile devices for transactions. Mobile growth is strong and on the rise; and our recent research shows that top mobile players significantly outperform their peers.

Network Effect: The Rise of Programmatic

One word dominated the mobile advertising landscape in 2014: programmatic. And 2015 looks like being no different, as almost everyone in the mobile advertising business seeks to show off their programmatic credentials in a bid to secure their future. But how big a deal is programmatic in mobile, and what impact is it having on the way mobile advertising campaigns are planned, booked and executed?

Video: Criteo on Marketing in a Multi-Screen World

With mobile purchasing on the up, the pressure will be on marketers to take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves in a world where one in three transactions will involve multiple devices.

Nasdaq 5,000! Will this time be different?

The tech-laden Nasdaq index has hit the 5,000 benchmark for the first time in 15 years. Sure—big, round stock market numbers are purely symbolic, but this one carries with it quite a bit more baggage. To call it a generation's worth wouldn't be unfair.

Criteo CEO: Retail Strength, Mobile Offerings Boosting Results

Criteo beat Wall Street estimates on the top and bottom lines in the fourth quarter due to its mobile offerings and strong sales to the retail sector, said the company's CEO Jean-Baptiste Rudelle. Rudelle added that the company acquired DataPop because it specializes in connecting the products in a retailer's catalog to actual user shopping intent. He said word-of-mouth advertising helped Criteo add more than 600 clients in the fourth quarter to bring the total to a record 7,190. Finally, Rudelle said retail customers are now buying across screens which is right in Criteo's wheelhouse.

The future of ad technology

Criteo CO-Founder JB Rudelle on digital advertising, the future of the industry and taking on Google with tech ads.

Criteo Tops Revenue Expectations for the Year

As consumers spend more time on their mobile devices, ad tech firm Criteo said it plans to invest further in its technology to deliver targeted ads to shoppers across multiple screens

Criteo Acquires DataPop, Sees $20M In Q4 Profit

Criteo, a Paris-based ad retargeting firm, on Wednesday announced its fourth quarter 2014 earnings report, noting that revenue for 2014 as a whole increased 68% year-over-year to €745 million ($845 million), with ex-TAC revenue at €304 million on the year ($344.8 million).

Your customers are already mobile-first: Here’s how to convert them now

In 2015, mobile won’t just be a component of your digital strategy — it will be your digital strategy. Consumers are turning to their mobile devices first for practically everything, and shopping is no exception. Criteo’s most recent State of Mobile Commerce Report for Q4 2014 found that mobile devices now account for one-third of all ecommerce transactions worldwide. This number is expected to continue growing rapidly in tandem with the global rate of smartphone adoption.

Smartphone, in-app purchases to outpace online

Although mobile shopping in the United States has not yet reached the tipping point, 50 percent of online purchases being made on mobile is not far off, according to Jason Morse, VP mobile product for Criteo, during his opening remarks at the eTail West's annual summit. During yesterday's pre-conference track focusing on mobile and tablet, Morse spoke about how mobile's biggest opportunities are the smallest devices.

40% of Valentine’s Day purchases made on mobile

Research by Criteo shows that mobile phones play a larger part in Valentine’s Day than perhaps initially thought. Not just modern tools of romance, smartphones and tablets are becoming central to the purchasing process.

The Not-United States of Valentine's Day

One thing we can agree on, however, is timeliness. If your special somebody is still looking to buy you a gift, you're probably not getting something good. According to marketing technology firm Criteo, peak spending for jewelry purchases happens Feb. 2 and lingerie is Feb. 6.

The Ad Tech Company Google Pays Attention To

Criteo, which went public in late 2013, has separated itself from the pack. It’s currently the most valuable ad tech firm, with a $2.4 billion market capitalization and more than 1,000 employees.

Criteo enhances engine for travel with most-valued customer targeting

French performance marketing technology firm Criteo has unveiled an upgrade, allowing clients to target potential customers based on the amount they are likely to spend. - See more at: http://www.travolution.co.uk/Articles/2015/02/04/11643/criteo+enhances+engine+for+travel+with+most-valued+customer.html#sthash.qVEf3HEZ.TXxoVu7D.dpuf

Europe And Tech: Who's Hot?

Silicon Valley showed the world how powerful and inspiring a strong tech sector can be, to an entrepreneurial culture and a nation’s economy. It’s no surprise, now, that everyone wants in the game.

How Marketers Can Turn Super Bowl Mania Into Sales With Retargeting

Morse says his teams are focusing on bidding and segmentation strategies. “Particularly now that smartphones are viable not just for research but for driving sales,” says Morse this is the perfect time to be sure your bid strategies take into account the surge in media consumption–particularly around products that are most likely to have high purchase intent leading up to the game.

Beauty and the Geek

As CMOs are increasingly challenged to demonstrate measurable ROI from ad budgets, the value of performance advertising is hard to deny. Given the ability to launch a performance campaign in alignment with the branding guidelines, there’s no reason why marketers shouldn’t consider investing more in ads that drive conversions.

How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview

When Mimi Gigoux, the EVP of human resources at Criteo, the French ad-tech company, interviews a job candidate, she looks for signs of “intellect, open-mindedness, and passion” both for the company and for the role. “Technical expertise can be taught on the job, but you can’t teach passion, drive, and creativity,” says Mimi.