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February, 2015

The Not-United States of Valentine's Day

One thing we can agree on, however, is timeliness. If your special somebody is still looking to buy you a gift, you're probably not getting something good. According to marketing technology firm Criteo, peak spending for jewelry purchases happens Feb. 2 and lingerie is Feb. 6.

The Ad Tech Company Google Pays Attention To

Criteo, which went public in late 2013, has separated itself from the pack. It’s currently the most valuable ad tech firm, with a $2.4 billion market capitalization and more than 1,000 employees.

Smartphone, in-app purchases to outpace online

Although mobile shopping in the United States has not yet reached the tipping point, 50 percent of online purchases being made on mobile is not far off, according to Jason Morse, VP mobile product for Criteo, during his opening remarks at the eTail West's annual summit. During yesterday's pre-conference track focusing on mobile and tablet, Morse spoke about how mobile's biggest opportunities are the smallest devices.

Criteo Acquires DataPop, Sees $20M In Q4 Profit

Criteo, a Paris-based ad retargeting firm, on Wednesday announced its fourth quarter 2014 earnings report, noting that revenue for 2014 as a whole increased 68% year-over-year to €745 million ($845 million), with ex-TAC revenue at €304 million on the year ($344.8 million).

Criteo Tops Revenue Expectations for the Year

As consumers spend more time on their mobile devices, ad tech firm Criteo said it plans to invest further in its technology to deliver targeted ads to shoppers across multiple screens

Your customers are already mobile-first: Here’s how to convert them now

In 2015, mobile won’t just be a component of your digital strategy — it will be your digital strategy. Consumers are turning to their mobile devices first for practically everything, and shopping is no exception. Criteo’s most recent State of Mobile Commerce Report for Q4 2014 found that mobile devices now account for one-third of all ecommerce transactions worldwide. This number is expected to continue growing rapidly in tandem with the global rate of smartphone adoption.

The future of ad technology

Criteo CO-Founder JB Rudelle on digital advertising, the future of the industry and taking on Google with tech ads.

Criteo CEO: Retail Strength, Mobile Offerings Boosting Results

Criteo beat Wall Street estimates on the top and bottom lines in the fourth quarter due to its mobile offerings and strong sales to the retail sector, said the company's CEO Jean-Baptiste Rudelle. Rudelle added that the company acquired DataPop because it specializes in connecting the products in a retailer's catalog to actual user shopping intent. He said word-of-mouth advertising helped Criteo add more than 600 clients in the fourth quarter to bring the total to a record 7,190. Finally, Rudelle said retail customers are now buying across screens which is right in Criteo's wheelhouse.

Europe And Tech: Who's Hot?

Silicon Valley showed the world how powerful and inspiring a strong tech sector can be, to an entrepreneurial culture and a nation’s economy. It’s no surprise, now, that everyone wants in the game.

Nasdaq 5,000! Will this time be different?

The tech-laden Nasdaq index has hit the 5,000 benchmark for the first time in 15 years. Sure—big, round stock market numbers are purely symbolic, but this one carries with it quite a bit more baggage. To call it a generation's worth wouldn't be unfair.

40% of Valentine’s Day purchases made on mobile

Research by Criteo shows that mobile phones play a larger part in Valentine’s Day than perhaps initially thought. Not just modern tools of romance, smartphones and tablets are becoming central to the purchasing process.

Criteo enhances engine for travel with most-valued customer targeting

French performance marketing technology firm Criteo has unveiled an upgrade, allowing clients to target potential customers based on the amount they are likely to spend. - See more at: http://www.travolution.co.uk/Articles/2015/02/04/11643/criteo+enhances+engine+for+travel+with+most-valued+customer.html#sthash.qVEf3HEZ.TXxoVu7D.dpuf