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March, 2015

4 Mobile Strategies That Will Help Startups Gain Market Share

By now, most business leaders agree that mobile is a necessary part of business strategy, as customers increasingly rely on smartphones and other mobile devices for transactions. Mobile growth is strong and on the rise; and our recent research shows that top mobile players significantly outperform their peers.

Is this the next big market for e-commerce?

China and India are currently the darlings of global e-commerce, boasting the world's fastest-growing markets, but a third Asian market could join their ranks in the coming years.

Network Effect: The Rise of Programmatic

One word dominated the mobile advertising landscape in 2014: programmatic. And 2015 looks like being no different, as almost everyone in the mobile advertising business seeks to show off their programmatic credentials in a bid to secure their future. But how big a deal is programmatic in mobile, and what impact is it having on the way mobile advertising campaigns are planned, booked and executed?

Video: Criteo on Marketing in a Multi-Screen World

With mobile purchasing on the up, the pressure will be on marketers to take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves in a world where one in three transactions will involve multiple devices.