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November, 2016

Criteo is Soaring

Criteo surpassed analysts' estimates in its third quarter — and the France-based ad tech company has visions on new revenue streams that could well see it exceed expectations again over the next fiscal year.

Criteo Completes Acquisition Of HookLogic

Criteo announced it has completed its deal to acquire HookLogic, whose platform is used by customers to reach in-market shoppers, drive traffic to products and attribute resulting sales.

Criteo Execs Put Their Egos Aside, Says Newly Appointed EVP

Criteo announced the appointment of Marc Grabowski to EVP of global supply and business development. While he brings a great deal of personal and professional experience to the position, Grabowski said he's grateful that the experts working at Criteo can leave their egos behind, making the working environment much more enjoyable, which is one reason he accepted the position with the company.

People on the Move: Marc Grabowski

New York Business Journal features Marc Grabowski, Criteo's new EVP of Global Supply and Business Development in the "People on the Move" section.

Is Email Still Queen?

Email marketing has long been a stalwart in the marketer’s arsenal, and brands have found so many ways to adapt the medium to suit their needs. These days, the average consumer’s inbox is like a window into swirling maelstrom of offers, discount codes and new releases. But have marketers stretched the humble email too far? With consumers becoming more and more saturated by content, how can email fight the rising tide and stay relevant to the consumer?

4 Questions with AerServ

In an interview with BizReport, AerServ COO, Andrew Gerhart, cites Criteo research that suggests in app revenue is rising to outpace mobile web for businesses that invest in their mobile apps and improve user experiences.

A Treasure Trove Of Topical Trends

MediaPost cites Criteo data, which indicates that 7 in 10 Millennials are open to considering new retail apps during the holidays that they haven’t used before.

SaleCycle Releases New Email Solutions

MediaPost cites Criteo H1 2016 Mobile Commerce Report data to highlight the issue of abandoned shopping carts. Criteo's data shows only 26.6% of shopping carts convert into purchases, leaving 73.4% of shopping carts abandoned with no conversion to revenue.

Programmatic Spending Comes To Africa

The increased adoption of mobile phones has opened up the opportunity for programmatic advertising in Africa. To make it easier for global advertisers to buy inventory in Africa, Dochase, a Nigerian ad network is hooking up as either an SSP or exchange to platforms outside the continent, like Criteo.