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The Leading Performance Marketing Suite Proven to Boost Sales

Our digital marketing solutions are trusted by 11,000 brands, delivering personalized ads to over 130 countries.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting drives sales for e-commerce businesses, intelligently converting shoppers with dynamic, personalized ads. This is achieved by:

  • Accurately recommending the best offer from the entire product catalog (resulting in significant sales from products and categories not viewed previously)
  • Precisely predicting purchase intent using our anonymous cross-device understanding of an individual’s behavior across all devices, browsers and app
  • Optimizing campaign performance by dynamically selecting the creative components that will drive the most engagement
Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

Criteo Dynamic Email

Our performance marketing solution for email complements your existing email solution by finding and engaging new shoppers that you’re not reaching with your current program. Criteo Dynamic Email helps turn casual website visitors into buyers by:

  • Sending personalized emails with purchase recommendations based on prior browsing behavior
  • Excluding anyone that may already receive real-time trigger emails from your company
  • Tailoring messages that are consistent with your brand guidelines – across all devices

Marketers using our platform have seen average open rates of nearly 30% and average click-through rates of over 25%.

Rest assured, as an industry leader in consumer privacy, this solution adheres to strict user consent and opt-out processes. And in keeping with our performance marketing payment model, you are only billed when someone opens and clicks through.

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The Power Behind Your Campaign Performance

Cross-device advertising

Cross-device advertising

Engage shoppers wherever they are online with premium-placed ads across desktop, mobile and social. Our direct relationships with top publishers allow priority access to ensure highly visible placement.

FB & Instagram advertising

FB & Instagram advertising

Through our close partnership with Facebook, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting integrates deeply with their platform to support Dynamic Ads across Facebook and Instagram, delivering the most relevant offers based on Criteo’s proprietary understanding of the full digital customer journey.

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Mobile app integration

Mobile app integration

Easily tie customer activity in your mobile app to your advertising campaigns. Criteo offers mobile app integration through the Criteo Mobile SDK or via partners such as Adjust, Tune, AppFlyer, and Kochava.

Universal Match

Universal Match

Unlike probabilistic matching, typically used by other advertising solutions, Universal Match is Criteo’s unique process for understanding individual purchase intent across all devices, browsers, and apps, enabled by anonymized user identification.

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Criteo Engine

Criteo Engine

The Criteo Engine analyzes data from over 1.1 billion users each month, continuously sharpening its prediction, recommendation and bidding algorithms, and maximizing your campaign’s results.

Kinetic Design

Kinetic Design

Our unique Kinetic Design technology personalizes the design and layout of every ad to engage each individual shopper in that specific publishing environment – maximizing your performance while staying true to your brand.

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Unmatched Ability to Reach Shoppers Globally

Unlike other companies that buy inventory from fragmented sources, Criteo has direct relationships with over 16,000 premium publishers as well as leading RTB networks, ensuring that your campaigns run cohesively across all mobile, web, and social channels.


unique monthly internet users*

*(desktop comScore MMX, September 2015, Age 15+)


ads served in 2015


in post-click sales*

*in the 12 months preceding December 31, 2015

North America

The top three reasons we really value Criteo are scale, service and, of course, performance. They have exceeded our expectations in terms of both topline order volumes and return on ad spend.

Kylie Beals, eCommerce Marketing Manager
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