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KKday, the largest travel platform in Asia, provides customers with a way to plan local tours and travel experiences online ahead of time. Because the seasonal and geographical factors at play in the travel industry vary so widely, however, KKday needed to focus on individual, cross-platform engagement with their most important customers and potential new users in order to deliver the most personal advertising experience possible.


Thanks to its wide reach, Criteo was able to help KKday customize Google and Facebook ads on an individual level, delivering a unique ad experience to each shopper according to their tastes, geographical location, even size, while also intermittently offering discount codes as they browse (thanks to Criteo’s new banner rotation function). This drastically increased shopper engagement with the KKday website while maximizing marketing spend efficiency.


Since they began their relationship with Criteo in July 2016, KKday engages more directly with their customers, resulting in:

  • 20% reduced labor costs
  • 300% more revenue coming from paid advertisements

Labor costs


Revenue from paid advertisements

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