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Founded by Bernd Freier in 1969, the s.Oliver Group is a leading European fashion company. In 2015, the Group reported sales of €1.67B and employed 7,200 people internationally. The company’s brands include s.Oliver, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, Q/S designed by, TRIANGLE, comma and LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

s.Oliver wanted to better understand their customers’ online shopping behavior across channels and devices. Their existing last-click attribution model didn’t take into account the important role that early stage channels played in influencing the shopper journey.


After an extensive selection process, s.Oliver chose an attribution solution from Exactag enhanced with cross-device data provided by Criteo’s identity graph service. This allows s.Oliver to manage a dynamic multi-touch attribution model that provides a holistic analysis on the impact of all channels, publishers and marketing activities. The enhanced identity capability ensures that more cross-device buying journeys are accurately tracked and attributed.

Implementing Criteo’s identity graph together with Exactag`s solution enables s.Oliver to measure an additional 62% of touchpoints within buyer journeys. This allows more devices to be linked to user pro les, moving from a cookie-based to an audience- rst approach. Since switching to multi-touch attribution, 13% of conversions are now awarded to touchpoints that were previously invisible.

This study highlights that an optimal multi-touch attribution solution can be achieved by combining Exactag’s market leading attribution solution with Criteo’s deterministic, shopper-focused identity graph service.

How s.Oliver identifies more touchpoints with Criteo’s identity graph service:

  • Contains over 2B IDs from active, online shoppers who spend $550B per year.
  • Underlines our commitment to an open commerce marketing ecosystem, available to existing clients at no additional cost.
  • Delivers deterministic accuracy and global scale through 10,000+ websites that continuously share hashed email addresses.
  • Incorporates our fundamental Privacy by Design approach that protects and safeguards your customer data across all standards, processes, and protocols at Criteo.


Criteo’s identity graph service and Exactag power s.Oliver’s multi-touch attribution:

  • +62% more touchpoints identified
  • +13% sales attributed to previously invisible touchpoints

“Switching to data-driven attribution gave us the opportunity to understand the holistic impact of our campaigns. By combining Criteo and Exactag more user journeys can be linked together to provide us with a richer understanding of our customer’s behavior.”

– Thomas Grieb, Team Leader Online Marketing, s.Oliver


More touchpoints identified


Sales attributed to previously invisible touchpoints