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Leading trunk show company and online retailer Stella & Dot wanted a better, more holistic picture of their current and prospective clients in order to increase their digital advertising revenue more effectively.


Having already been partnered with Criteo since early 2015, Stella & Dot added Criteo Shopper Graph to their toolbox in order to get a single, consistent picture of each consumer across all  browsers and devices.

With the power of Criteo Shopper Graph, Stella & Dot was able to deploy their ad budget more efficiently, delivering more precisely tailored ads that reflected their shoppers’ entire online journey and preferences, rather than just pieces of it, and across a network of over 17,000 premium publishers.


Through Criteo Dynamic Retargeting with Criteo Shopper Graph, Stella & Dot:

  • Boosted overall sales revenue by 15%
  • Increased their customers’ average order value (AOV) by 17%
  • All while multiplying their ROAS by 16x

Increased AOV


Increased sales