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Challenge was established in 2006 and has since grown to be the largest bodybuilding e-commerce retailer in Turkey. It’s superior service, quality, and best price policy are key differentiatng factors in an industry where trust is of the utmost importance.’s challenge was to increase Android app revenue, as well as decrease their high uninstall rate.

Solution met their challenge with Criteo’s mobile in-app solution, App Advertising. With Criteo App Advertising, Supplementler re-engaged Android app users with personalized and relevant ads that encouraged them to revisit and interact with Supplementler’s app. Criteo’s broad reach and sophisticated technology ensured that Supplementler could connect with shoppers wherever they were and entice them with the most engaging offer based on their purchase intent.

How it works:

  • Ads were targeted to high value users that were most likely to use the app.
  • Highly personalized messages based on individual purchase intent showed the most engaging offer.
  • Ads linked shoppers directly to the item within the app that they showed an interest in.
  • Unbeatable reach ensured that shoppers could be found wherever they were.
  • Dynamically created and optimized ads ensure that each shopper received the ad creative that they were most likely to connect with.


  • 39% YoY increase in Android app revenue
  • 12% reduction in uninstalls
  • 2.49x YoY conversion rate increase

“Thanks to Criteo’s In-App targeting technology, we are able to retain new app users and encourage existing ones to visit our app more frequently, helping us to more than double our app conversion rate.”

–Emre Fitoloğlu, Marketing Director,


YoY increase in Android app revenue


Reduction in uninstalls


YoY conversion rate increase