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What to Expect from Amazon Prime Day Shopping

In an interview with Biz Report, Jaysen Gillespie, Criteo's VP, Analytics, Insights & Data Science, discusses the 2016 Prime Day data and gives his overview on the effects that the Amazon Prime Day had on retailers.

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Other Retailers Ride Amazon Prime Day Coattails

This article shares the main data from Criteo's 2016 Prime Day research saying that major ecommerce sites gained at all phases of the conversion funnel and affirming that "Amazon Prime Day serves as a rising tide that lifts all retail boats".

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Rakuten Marketing Snags Programmatic Pioneer Neal Richter As CTO

AdExchanger mentions Criteo as a "competitor that also wants to get into video" in an interview with Neal Ritcher, CTO at Rakuten Marketing, on the evolution of performance and branding.

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IRCE 2017 Was an Education in Our World of Internet Retailing

In his wrap up of IRCE, Jim Coogan, founder and president of Catalog Marketing Economics, states that "Criteo continues to be a leader in remarketing and retargeting."

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Ad Platforms Should Collaborate On Brand Safety Standards

In an opinion column for AdExchanger, Jon Burke, advertising lead at Automattic, calls on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Criteo and others to get together and agree on a joint standard for brand safety.

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Op-Ed: Macron’s Vision to Make France a ‘Country of Unicorns’ Requires a Big Shift in Mentality

In an article about how Emmanual Marcon wants to make France a world leader in technology, France is listed as the third-largest player in terms of VC funding into start-ups, and as Europe's third largest economy partly because of billion dollar start-ups like BlaBlaCar and Criteo.

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Major Amazon And Wal-Mart Acquisitions Could Mark A Retail Turning Point

In a look at Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods and Wal-Mart acquisition of Bonobos, Criteo's EVP, Brand Solutions John Roswech tells AdExchanger, the real story is "the impact this has on brands, which are in a position to be disintermediated from that retail position that’s defined the past century or so for their products."

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‘An Ad Tech Urban Legend’: An Oral History of How Header Bidding Became Digital Advertising’s Hottest Buzzword

In a story about how the buzzword header bidding came to be, Paul Bannister, Co-founder, CafeMedia, shares that he has "a spec doc from Criteo where it was called “real time advertising targeting."

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As Header Bidding Heats Up, IAB Tech Lab Is Developing a New Set of Standards

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is getting ready to establish a set of standards to guide publishers and media buyers through the header bidding process. Criteo participated in the document's development.

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Trade Marketer Wish List: Better Targeting, Measurement

Participants in Criteo's Trade Marketing in Transition study noted that the biggest trade advertising challenges in need of improvement are measurement/attribution and trackability.

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