How to Increase App Revenue: 3 Tactics for More In-App Conversions

Increase your app ROI with these three strategies for boosting retention and driving in-app conversions.
Updated on June 19, 2024

Acquiring new app users and keeping them engaged takes time and money. To see returns from those efforts, you need to drive as much revenue as possible from your app. And that means successfully guiding your users through the app purchase funnel.

Criteo research found that at any minute 40% of app users are at the top of the purchase funnel, which means they’re browsing, but haven’t gotten to the product level yet. 38% are actively viewing product pages in-app, 15% have added something to the cart, and 7% are making a purchase[1].

How can mobile marketers get app users to progress further down the funnel, make an in-app purchase, and keep reengaging in the future? Here are 3 strategies to try:

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1. Provide the best experience by encouraging your mobile web users to install your app.

Launch a campaign to bring your active mobile web shoppers into your app for easier browsing. The in-app experience is smoother (think – forms that are easier to fill out, 1-click purchasing, etc.) and can create more engagement and conversions than the mobile web experience. In fact, our research shows that in-app conversion rates are up to three times higher than mobile web.

In addition, try targeting new audiences who are looking for similar products to yours or frequently accessing apps like yours. With the right cross-device browsing and behavioral data you can get the full picture and zero in on high-quality prospects who will find value in your app and become loyal users.

app install ad example

2. Engage your users with something valuable.

With sky-high abandonment rates, it’s crucial to engage your brand-new app users as soon as possible to get them in and active in your app. One way to do this is with personalized ads designed to drive in-app engagement and based on a deep understanding of each user’s interests and intent. Say you have a gaming app, and you know that Pete just installed it and made it to Level 3 in the game. You can bring him back with ad messaging based on that: “Win Level 4 and unlock new skills!”

app engagement ad example

Re-engagement is part of this as well. Win back users that have un-installed your app with ads promoting new features or products, special offers, or other incentives, like free shipping. You can also remind lapsed users of what they’re missing by promoting new offers, products, and features. And don’t forget to keep your active users satisfied with offers like loyalty programs and discounts.

3. Retarget users based on previous behaviors.

Retargeting is a simple and highly effective tactic for driving conversions. To maximize results, you want to show your app users personalized ads with product recommendations based on all of their past browsing and purchasing—not just in your app but across the open internet. You also want to ensure your ads deep link users to the most relevant product page in your app. Doing so can lead to a 3X increase in products browsed per user.

If you’re already running an app retargeting campaign, consider switching to a model that will automatically optimize bids for your set Cost of Sale (COS). This will reduce manual effort, while maximizing conversions for your budget.

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[1] Source: Global Criteo data from December 5, 2019-January 8, 2020, 1.9 billion app users from 49 partners​

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