Top 4 Reasons Every Retailer Should Do Retargeting

Updated on September 26, 2023

Retargeting can be the online retailer’s best friend. When used strategically, it can be an incredibly effective way to capture more sales. How? It helps re-engage savvy and on-the-fence shoppers.

As people browse elsewhere after they leave your site, retargeting is a gentle reminder of the merchandise they’re already interested in — and a deal they might not want to let get away. Here are four top reasons why every retailer should be doing retargeting:

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1. It’s your second chance to convert an already interested shopper.

The shopper has already shown interest in either your online store or, even better, they’ve shopped on your website and left something in their cart. Retargeting can be the gentle nudge that gets them back.

2. It gets you closer to the audience that’s most likely to convert.

Lots of people visit your site. Regardless of whether they just visited briefly or if they actually shopped and left items in their cart, they’re all potential customers. These folks are already further down the funnel and more apt to complete a purchase, so getting back in front of them with the right ad is a smart way to reignite their desire to buy.

3. It builds brand awareness and traction.

When people see a company’s advertising, it helps position the brand as popular, substantial, and — at the very least — worthy of a second look. Building brand awareness also helps you stay top-of-mind so that even if visitors don’t convert right away, your company is easily remembered by shoppers when they are.

4. It’s a cost-effective tool that offers great ROI.

Retargeting just makes sense for retailers. Indeed, it’s often the most profitable marketing channel retailers have when run correctly. It uses data you’ve already got (and likely spent a sizable amount of money acquiring) to make smart ad-placement decisions. The key to success with retargeting, though, is working with a sophisticated retargeting partner who knows how to use your data to build a programmatic retargeting campaign that gets the right ads in front of the right people at the right time. The better the prospect, the better the click rate, and the better the ROI.

Find out more about what makes up a smart retargeting strategy below!

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