Criteo Audience

Transform more customers into active shoppers.

Designed to perfectly complement Criteo Dynamic Retargeting and powered by the same market-leading machine learning, Criteo Audience Match is a flexible customer targeting solution that delivers high match rates. It enables you to accurately target and re-engage your customer base with dynamic paid display ads across web, mobile browsers, and apps.

How Criteo Audience
Match works for you.

Drive more sales from existing customers.

Turn your existing customers back into active shoppers. Use CRM data to create and reach your audiences online with dynamic ads to complement retargeting and email campaigns.

Target your shoppers online.

Use Criteo Shopper Graph to find your customers online. Over 10,000 websites worldwide continuously share their data with us, allowing you to accurately target your shoppers across their devices.

Get instant match rate feedback.

During onboarding, find out how much of your audience can be found online. With this info, your campaign parameters, and creative elements, we'll initiate the launch of your new re-engagement campaign.

Re-engage your shoppers to create lifetime customers.

Find your customers online.

Onboard your CRM data through our global Shopper Graph and find as many of your customers online as possible thanks to our high match rates.

Connect with them wherever they go.

Gain the broadest reach and premium visibility across web, mobile browser and apps thanks to our direct relationships with thousands of publishers worldwide.

Tailor messages to be the most relevant.

Enjoy unmatched advertising engagement through DCO+, part of the Criteo Engine, which dynamically optimizes ads to perfectly balance brand look-and-feel with unparalleled performance.

Seamlessly enhance existing campaigns.

Improve customer experience and campaign optimization by perfectly synchronizing with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting campaigns.

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