Initially established in the summer of 2013, Valmano has since developed into one of the most well-known and trusted online stores for watches and jewelry in Germany. In early 2014 Valmano partnered with Criteo’s Accelerate team to drive sales, deliver relevant customer experiences and increase online revenue using Criteo Dynamic Retargeting.

One of the main objectives for Valmano in 2018 is to increase revenue and drive incremental sales from shoppers who they were unable to reach with their existing marketing channels.


To help reach broader audiences and convert shoppers into new customers, Valmano added Criteo Customer Acquisition to the team’s diverse new customer acquisition strategies.

By taking advantage of the full capabilities of Criteo Customer Acquisition, Valmano reached almost 4x more shoppers out of a pool that covers 74% of the world’s online shoppers, resulting in a staggering 70% new customer rate.

Thanks to Criteo’s unique shopper-scoring techniques and ability to distinguish new from existing customers across devices, browsers and apps using a shopper-focused identity graph, Valmano was able to target and convert shoppers that have not visited their website for more than 2 years. The result was a 15% increase in sales across all Criteo campaigns.

How it works:

  • Foster maximum engagement by analysing aggregated shopping and browsing events across a pool that covers 74% of the world’s online shoppers, only targeting highly relevant shoppers with a high propensity to convert.
  • Apply a unique score for each shopper with the highest propensity to buy by granularly distinguishing new shoppers from existing customers across devices, browsers, and apps with Criteo’s shopper-focused identity graph.
  • Deliver user-centric personalized product recommendations by applying Criteo’s proven product recommendation and machine-learning technology across your acquisition campaigns at a granular shopper-level.
  • Benefit from a performance, CPC-based, acquisition solution and drive maximum ROI, paying only when relevant prospects engage with your Criteo Customer Acquisition campaign.
  • Enjoy superior campaign performance as a result of extensive shopper reach, continuous shopper understanding, mass personalization at scale, and unparalleled publisher reach.


  • 15% increase in overall sales
  • 4x more shoppers reached
  • 70% new customer rate

“Partnering with Criteo has been instrumental in helping us grow our conversion strategies. The Criteo Accelerate team has proved a trusted partner over the years so when our strategy focused on acquiring new customers, it felt natural to adopt their latest solution. Criteo Customer Acquisition not only helped us achieve our diverse marketing objectives for acquiring new customers and almost quadruple our reach, it also helped us boost our sales by more than 15% from shoppers that we haven’t seen on our website before.”

–Sebastian Luber, Head of Marketing, Valmano


Increase in overall sales


More shoppers reached


New customer rate