Criteo Sponsored Products
for Retailers

Unlock additional revenue. Our retailer network connects you to over a thousand brands looking to get their products in front of your shoppers.

Drive more sales within your site.

Criteo Sponsored Products are native product ads that appear throughout the purchase path of retailer sites and apps, allowing you to tap into incremental funds from top brands that are already selling on your site. Shoppers who click on the ads stay within your ecommerce environment to convert, while brands pay you for every click.

How Criteo Sponsored Products
Work For Retailers.

Get set up easily.

Simply give us your product feed, allow for ad insertion, and tag your order confirmation pages to get started.

Monetize your site traffic.

Make the most of your site traffic by implementing native product ads from the world's top brands, including those that already sell on your site.

Ensure on-brand creative.

Generate native product ads through dynamic content based on page context and shopper behavior, in line with the style and layout of your site.

Connect to over
a thousand global
brands with Criteo
Sponsored Products.

Scale without limits.

Drive growth and additional revenue through the combined traffic and data from the world’s leading retailers.

Trust in transparency.

Direct more incremental dollars straight to the bottom line, away from conflicting interests and co-op relationships.

Know where you're winning.

Get ad performance reporting that covers all devices and channels so you can continuously reinvest in successful strategies.

Control with confidence.

Manage the look, feel, and location of native ads with options to display as product listings, sponsored products, or featured products.

Learn how omnishoppers research, compare, and buy across every channel
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Brands Using Sponsored Products Include:

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