Contextual Targeting

Upgrade your traditional contextual campaigns with commerce signals.

Don’t just place your ads on pages based on keywords. Use the only solution that enhances contextual targeting with first-party commerce data to focus your ads on the places that will have the most impact. Welcome to the next level of contextual targeting.

Why marketers love contextual targeting at Criteo

First-party commerce data

Our relationships with both publishers and advertisers mean that we have deep transactional data for every URL in our network.

Media lookalike

Focus on the categories and domains that our commerce data shows have a high affinity for your offerings.

Cookie-free relevancy 

Deliver ads with product recommendations based on contextual relevancy and transactions attributed to that URL—all without third-party cookies.

Brand safety 

Focus on relevant and suitable environments that allow you to scale your message while keeping your brand safe.

Measurable performance

Understand the incremental impact of your contextual campaigns on your business with full funnel reporting through to the final sale.

Commerce-focused targeting

Reach more in-market audiences who have a higher potential to drive a commerce outcome.

Analyze web pages for traditional contextual signals

First, our semantic analysis technology looks at traditional contextual signals like URL, category level, text, and images to understand the contextual relevancy of each page.

Incorporate commerce signals using first-party data

Then, we analyze your first-party data of existing online shoppers to understand what and where they were browsing that led them to purchase a specific product. Using this insight, Criteo’s technology builds product affinity scores between your shoppers’ interests and these URLs

Display ads with contextually relevant product recommendations

Finally, we combine the contextual relevancy of a page with the product affinity scores from your first-party data to build lookalike audiences that are similar to your best customers and deliver them display ads featuring relevant product recommendations.

Contextual made for commerce

Contextual campaigns backed by commerce data and built for commerce results.