Criteo Shopper Graph

Use data
to drive performance.

Understand your shopper and deliver incredible results.

Granular shopper data fuels Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem. By taking three key types of shopper data — identity, interest, and measurement — and putting them all together, our products continuously know what shoppers want. Identity data connects shoppers and their devices, apps, and online/offline environments. Interest data links shopper interest to your product catalog. Measurement data provides an understanding of sales and conversions across our network of retailers.

Unify cross-device and online/offline data for the most impact.

Purpose-built for performance, pooled identity data within Criteo Shopper Graph ensures accurate cross-device identification from the over 700 million active online shoppers who use multiple devices to shop and 10,000+ websites worldwide that continuously share their data with us. As a participant in our ecosystem, you gain access to this pooled identity data to enhance analytics, attribution, website personalization, and more. Best of all, it is available at no extra fee.

How Criteo Shopper Graph
Powers our Products.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

Granular shopper data allows Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to tailor ads, bids, and product recommendations that drive maximum results.

Criteo Sponsored Products

A full-picture view of individual shopping habits enables Criteo Sponsored Products to connect the right items to the highest intent shoppers, all within the ecommerce experience.

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