Founders | Criteo


Jean-Baptiste Rudelle


JB founded Criteo in 2005 and has driven its growth into a truly global organization with technology as its heart beat and its clients as its focus. In January 2016, JB transitioned his role from CEO to Executive Chairman, where his focus is on the long term strategic vision of the company. A serial entrepreneur, in addition to a number of start-ups, JB also founded The Galion Project, a non-profit think tank that helps other entrepreneurs to grow faster.

Romain Niccoli


Romain is one of Criteo’s co-founders and leads the technology vision. He transformed Criteo’s technology to rapidly scale and in parallel evolved the company’s culture of innovation and values. He is a board member of Daphni, a European venture fund and is a member of Ecole Polytechnique’s Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. Previous to Criteo, he worked at Microsoft and earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ecole des Mines de Paris, France.

Franck Le Ouay


Franck co-founded Criteo and was the conceptual brain behind Criteo's predictive tool. He helped bring Criteo from a private to a publically listed company in 2013. He's widely recognized as an expert in scalable complex algorithms. He started his career as a software engineer at Microsoft and he holds a Master's degree in Math from Ecole des Mines de Paris, France.

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