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Selected insights from top industry watchers on the industry and Criteo. The opinions expressed by these independent industry analysts may differ from Criteo’s position and investor guidance. Criteo has secured distribution rights for the reports below. However, copyright and IP remains with the analyst firms. Citation usually requires express prior approval from these analyst firms. Contact: Ludovic Leforestier, Criteo Influencer Relations,
Analyst Reports

[TBR] Analyst report – TBR: New Shopper Engagement solutions segment will emerge, reaching $38b by 2021 with a 36% CAGR

In a new report from Technology Business Review, analysts Stuart Williams and Zach Rabel have identified a high-growth market segment they call “Shopper Engagement”, estimated to be valued at USD 38 billion by 2021.

Encompassing audience discovery all the way through to re-engagement, Shopper Engagement, if done well and continuously, leads to the “transaction” stage in what TBR calls the “Digital Customer Experience Continuum.” Shopper Engagement also includes all intervening media engagements and programmatic marketing that guide consumers toward a purchase, with key subsegments being Advertising, Agencies, Marketing Cloud and Social Media.

Analyst Reports

[TBR Special Report] To ensure GDPR compliance, the advertising ecosystem should consider EU-based vendors

In this report, Technology Business Review Inc. analysts Stuart Williams (@s2_williams) and Zach Rabel (@ZacharyRabelTBR) summarize the impact of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on digital media ecosystem, including publishers, advertisers and tech vendors. Staggeringly, they found that “over 40% of US companies do not view compliance as a priority” despite non-compliance penalties of up to 4% of gross revenues.

Analyst Reports

[Gartner Report] How to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Digital Commerce

Criteo is pleased to share the Gartner research report "How to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Digital Commerce". Providing actionable insights and recommendations on how AI and machine learning technologies should be used to improve digital commerce performance, the study proposes the following:

- By 2020, 30% of digital commerce revenue growth will be attributable to artificial intelligence technologies.

- By 2020, artificial intelligence will be used by at least 60% of organizations for digital commerce.

Citing how Criteo's machine learning solution helped client Monoprice achieve a 75% increase in revenue at a 64% higher ROA within 90 days, the report also shares research on how marketers can apply artificial intelligence to digital commerce.

Click below to download and read the report.

Analyst Reports

[IDC White Paper] Can Machines be Creative? How Technology is Transforming Marketing Personalization and Relevance

Earlier in the year, Criteo partnered with IDC for an in-depth study on machine learning. IDC interviewed 459 marketing executives, including CMOs, VPs of marketing, and marketing directors.

The whitepaper, “Can Machines Be Creative? How Technology is Transforming Marketing Personalization and Relevance”, found that familiarity with machine learning applications is high amongst marketing executives, but usage is low.

Click below to download and read the white paper.

Analyst Reports

[TBR Report] The Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosytem Revs Retailing Engine

To thrive in a consumer-centric world and capitalize on omnichannel marketing, brands and retailers must embrace a collaborative approach to data sharing.

In a special report titled “Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem Revs Retailing Engine,” Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) analyst Seth Ulinski distills his views on Criteo’s strategic direction on how the business is working to provide what retailers and brands need most: data.

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Analyst Reports

Criteo: From Retargeter to Commerce Marketing Ecosystem

At Criteo, we’re proud to be a leader in Dynamic Retargeting, and with the recent launch of Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem (CME), we’ve got our sights set on far more.

In a new IDC Link by Karsten Weide (@KarstenW), Program VP of Media & Entertainment at IDC, Weide advises both marketers and competitors to take note of our recent development, and we can’t help but agree.