Customer Acquisition

Drive new customer conversions.

Developed specifically for commerce, Criteo Customer Acquisition uses powerful machine learning to identify new customers from existing ones based on their shopping patterns, browsing journeys, and individual interests — maximizing sales for you.

Why marketers love Criteo customer acquisition

The benefits of our customer acquisition solution.

Reach the shoppers most likely to be interested in your products

Target the right shopper at the right moment. Criteo Customer Acquisition helps you target new customers with the highest propensity to convert, using aggregated and anonymized historic shopping and browsing events.

Drive new customer conversions

Deliver user-centric, personalized product recommendations. Our machine-learning technology allows you to identify the right product for each shopper by granularly analyzing shopping patterns and product interests.

Maximize your new customer acquisition campaign ROI

Pay only when shoppers engage with your campaigns. Criteo Customer Acquisition is the only performance-based acquisition solution that uses a transparent, CPC-based, campaign acquisition model.

What We Offer

Targeting new customers with personalized product recommendations.

Reach your acquisition goals with the scale of our Shopper Graph, reach of our publisher network, and sophisticated AI.


Connect with more shoppers

Reach and target new customers across the 725m active users we see each day and our immense publisher network.

Target shoppers that matter

Separate new customers from existing ones across all devices, browsers, and apps with Criteo Shopper Graph.

Reach relevant shoppers

Assign a unique score for each shopper based on their propensity to convert for your products, targeting only those who are most likely to complete a purchase.

Convert more shoppers

Increase sales with product recommendations tailored for each individual, driving more conversions on your website from new customers.

Start growing your business today!

Find your best customers, engage them with the perfect ad, and meet your business goals. Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform helps you build ad campaigns that increase sales and grow your customer base.

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