Criteo Sponsored Products
for Brands

Win more sales and grow your customer base. Our retailer network connects you directly with more shoppers on the world’s top retail sites.

Dramatically increase sales on your retail partners’ sites.

Criteo Sponsored Products are native product ads displayed on the sites and apps of the world’s largest retailers. These ads reach the highest intent shoppers in real time, converting interest into more sales.

How Criteo Sponsored Products
Work for Brands.

Manage in real time.

Control campaigns and target shoppers in near real time with tools that let you change bids, set targeting, measure, and optimize results.

Maximize ROI.

Increase your ROI by driving optimal performance. Our finely tuned ad delivery logic ensures maximum conversions for the most revenue.

See what's working.

Connect advertising dollars to actual sales outcomes. We leverage first-party retailer point-of-sale data to provide you with sales attribution down to the SKU-level.

Harness the power of the world’s largest
retailers with Criteo Sponsored Products.

Monetize your entire catalog.

Deliver the right product ads to the highest intent shoppers and drive maximum sales.

Gain global visibility.

Grow awareness for your brand by placing native ads on over 70 of the world’s major retail sites, with more added each month.

Track ROI.

Accurately tie marketing efforts back to sales across retailers, between devices, and from your own stores — both on and offline — to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Get actionable insights.

Analyze key findings and performance across retailers so you can confidently reinvest in winning strategies.

See how Microsoft used Sponsored Products for Brands
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Retailers We Work With Include:

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